Success: Same-Sex and Interracial Marriage Recognized as Civil Rights

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Support signing of Respect for Marriage Act and marriage equality into law.

When the Supreme Court overturned long-standing precedent in reproductive rights, it led to fears that other rights guaranteed under similar legal foundations could fall next. Advocates have been particularly concerned about future threats to same-sex marriage and even interracial marriage. As a preemptive protection against these threats, members of Congress reintroduced the Respect for Marriage Act. This initiative officially repeals a previous federal law prohibiting same-sex marriage and requires that the federal government recognize past and future legally performed marriages between any two people, regardless of race or gender. This ForceChange petition called on President Biden to sign this important bill into law.

And the president has answered. After the bill passed with bipartisan support in both chambers of Congress, it reached President Biden’s desk. At a ceremony attended by supporters (which included many religious groups), the president officially put his signature to the Respect for Marriage Act. He shared the following thoughts: “today’s a good day…a day America takes a vital step toward equality, toward liberty and justice, not just for some but for everyone — everyone — toward creating a nation where decency, dignity and love are recognized, honored and protected.”

Sign the petition below to thank the president for taking another step toward fully enshrining marriage equality into law.


Dear President Biden,

When you called your signing of the Respect for Marriage Act “a good day,” you spoke for the nearly 70 percent of Americans who now support marriage equality. This moment reflects the tremendous transformation of public opinion and the evolution of a society that now boldly states that love and commitment are not just reserved for a few but open to all. And now, the 700,000-and-growing same-sex couples who are living as spouses will be ensured full and robust legal protection.

Thank you for supporting, in your own fitting words, “decency, dignity and love.”


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Photo Credit: Kurt Lowenstein Educational Center International Team


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    • Franklin Jacobson says:

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