Stop Letting Lobbyists Get Rich by Obstructing Environmental Progress

Target: Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of United Kingdom

Goal: Withdraw from energy treaty that puts special interests over environmental interests.

A policy from the post-Cold War era intended to help out countries that were liberated from the Soviet Union has transformed into yet another big-money payout to fossil fuel special interests. The Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) enables fossil fuel investors to sue nations in Europe if the countries enact policies that hurt the energy companies’ bottom lines. Worse yet, this process takes place in a secret court away from public scrutiny. Billions—and perhaps trillions—of dollars are believed to have flowed into the coffers of these special interests because of the ECT.

This archaic process has long outlived its usefulness and is now actively harming the continent’s efforts to meet its most critical goals to combat global warming and climate change. The European Commission has proposed an end to the treaty. Several countries have already announced intended withdrawal.

Sign the petition below to urge another prominent European leader to do the same.


Dear Prime Minister Sunak,

The Energy Charter Treaty may have begun with good intentions, but this treaty has become a burden on environmental efforts and another instrument for powerful special interests to wield their influence. A European Commission proposal could end this treaty, which would—in the worlds of a senior officer from Climate Action Network Europe–“dramatically reduce the risk of fossil fuel firms attacking climate policies.” You can help speed this process by joining your European allies and weakening the treaty.

Please step up for the planet and withdraw from the Energy Charter Treaty.


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Photo Credit: Johannes Havn

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  1. Special interests over environmental interests needs to stop. Lobbyists should be removed from politics. The world would run better if they were removed and their influence lessened.

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