Don’t Grant Immunity to Slain Journalist’s Suspected Murderer

Target: Merrick Garland, U.S. Attorney-General

Goal: Do not support Saudi Crown Prince’s claims of immunity in killing of journalist.

When journalist Jamal Khashoggi was brutally murdered, U.S. intelligence quickly drew links between his slaying and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. On the campaign trail, then-candidate Joe Biden pledged that he would deal with the Crown Prince and Saudi Arabia in much harsher terms than his predecessor. He even vowed to make any responsible parties “pariahs.” Apparently, in this case pariah status equals immunity status.

While the administration has sanctioned other officials deemed involved, the Crown Prince has remained untouched. Khashoggi’s fiancée recently filed a lawsuit against him, which prompted the Crown Prince to seek immunity in this case and in other potential legal actions. The Justice Department was asked to provide a legal opinion about the claim, which it could have chosen not to do. Instead, the department and administration made sure to meet the deadline for the request.

What did they say? In short, they backed the Crown Prince’s immunity claims. Therefore, in their eyes, it seems any past or future crimes involving this man will mean nothing. He will apparently get a free pass. He has already gone gladly about building his international profile, most recently being seen at the World Cup sitting next to the soccer governing body’s president.

This outrageous and dangerous precedent cannot and should not stand. Sign the petition below to demand the Department of Justice start living up to its name.


Dear Attorney-General Garland,

You have often claimed that no person is above the law. Your recent legal opinion regarding Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman indicates otherwise. As verified by the nation’s own intelligence agencies, this man very likely played a major role in the execution of an American. No amount of oil is worth his blood and the blood anyone who shields his murderers will have on their hands.

On a deeper level, this opinion sets a very damaging standard that will embolden other influential individuals to commit crimes without impunity. Skeptics of the U.S. justice system already believe that a different set of rules exists for the rich and powerful and for everyone else. Please do not prove this jaded philosophy right. Reverse your decision for the sake of Jamal Khashoggi and for the sake of American justice.


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Photo Credit: April Brady

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  1. Dawn Richardson says:

    Biden, why are you not on board for punishing this psychopathic prince. What is at stake for you and your country?

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