300 Dogs Subjected to Alleged Neglect and Abandonment By Authorities Deserve Justice

Target: Brian Kunzi, District Attorney of Nye County, NV

Goal: Punish all involved parties in large-scale case of alleged dog neglect and cruelty.

About 300 dogs who had reportedly suffered from severe neglect were seized from a Nevada property. The animals had allegedly sustained extensive injuries from being packed into close quarters. Suspects Oksana Higgins and Vasili Platunov were charged with felony animal cruelty. Yet what may seem like the end of the story could be the beginning of an even worse tale.

Recent disclosures, including obtained emails, paint a picture of potential pervasive abuse that lasted for years…all allegedly under the noses—and even with the possible assistance—of local officials. For one, the suspects, who are reportedly animal breeders–had received frequent visits because they were apparently in violation of town ordinances about the number of animals allowed on a property. A district judge’s so-called solution was not to shut down this enterprise but instead to let the dogs be moved to another region. Animal control officers then supposedly aided the relocation of these dogs to the property where they would eventually be seized and even helped buy cages and other materials.

And these allegations are not the end of the story, either. A few months before the seizure, this same animal control unit is said to have written up over 200 violations against the suspects. The district attorney, however, apparently did not lift a finger in pursuing these potential charges. Now that officials are in the hot seat, an internal investigation has suddenly been launched by a sheriff’s office also under fire for alleged inaction.

Sign the petition below to demand full and complete accountability for all parties involved in this reportedly rampant cruelty.


Dear DA Kunzi,

Oksana Higgins and Vasili Platunov allegedly put hundreds of dogs at severe risk, but according to the increasingly troubling reports they may not have been alone. Allegations have emerged that the sheriff’s office, the district court system, and even a county attorney’s office may have each played a role in perpetuating these deeply troubling circumstances. A community must be able to rely upon its legal professionals to uphold the law, no matter where the facts lead. As has been frequently repeated, a coverup can be much worse than the actual crime.

Please ensure that Oksana Higgins and Vasili Platunov are prosecuted to the fullest extent. But also hold any person who may have helped continue their alleged crimes morally and legally accountable as well.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Nye County Sheriff’s Office

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