Stop Neglect From Taking More Innocent Animal Lives

Target: Chuck Schumer, U.S. Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Enhance federal animal welfare standards concerning chronic neglect.

Three dogs in reportedly dire condition are rescued from an Arkansas residence. Upon investigation, a fourth deceased dog is apparently discovered in a trashcan. In Colorado, nine wild mustangs are liberated from what authorities call an “emergency situation.” Both of these troubling cases demonstrate how alleged neglect can devastate a broad swath of animals.

The incidents also call attention to the lack of accountability for this type of animal cruelty. No indication has been given that jail time was assigned in either case. Across the country, similar narratives play out with a startling frequency. At-risk animals are retrieved from a property, sometimes only to be returned to that very same property. The accused offenders are often given legal slaps on the wrist. In many cases, they are not even prohibited from contact with more animals, allowing the vicious cycle to repeat itself time and again.

The Animal Welfare Act sets federal standards for care of some animals. Certain people or groups, however—like private shelters, pounds, and private collectors of animals—are excluded from these minimal guidelines. Sign the petition below to demand federal animal welfare neglect laws cover all vulnerable animals.


Dear Senator Schumer,

Neglect is an insidious form of abuse, and it takes the most crushing toll on the most vulnerable populations. Unfortunately, too many pets and other animals fall into this category. Cases of neglect are such a sizeable percentage of animal cruelty cases because they go unchecked and unpunished.

The loopholes in the nation’s lynchpin animal welfare law do not help. The Animal Welfare Act is supposed to set an example, but instead it carves out exceptions for a whole host of individuals and entities responsible for the care of animals. As a result, these living beings do not receive adequate protection.

Animal cruelty is a topic that crosses party lines and unites people who otherwise have nothing in common behind an important cause. Please give this country a win by safeguarding its most vulnerable. Strengthen the Animal Welfare Act.


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  1. Neglect is starving and dehydrating them to death. It is an active act of evil toward defenseless animals. Life no parole.

  2. Neglect of animals is a hideous crime against a defenseless animal. If you are the owner of an animal that you cannot feed or care for please find help for that animal. I know that the authorities won’t do anything to safeguard that animal until it
    is almost on death’s door. So YOU need to be strong and reach out for the sake of your animal and get help.

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