Kitten Reportedly Thrown Into Burning Fire Pit Deserves Justice

Target: Ray Whitley, District Attorney General of Summer County, TN

Goal: Prosecute man who allegedly fatally burned pet kitten to fullest extent.

“There was no way to even comprehend the amount of pain he was feeling.” This somber statement came from the rescue group who cared for Phoenix, a five-week-old kitten brought to the Tennessee-based organization. Phoenix had apparently suffered severe burns over much of his body, leaving him with extensive nerve damage. Despite the rescue’s best efforts, Phoenix tragically died from his injuries.

Local police reportedly confirmed that these horrific burns resulted from Phoenix being tossed into a fire pit. He is beleived to have suffered for days without medical intervention before his case was brought to authorities’ attention…precious time that could have been used to save his life. Richard Lee Tyler Russell, the man with whom Phoenix lived, has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

Sign the petition below to demand he receive maximum punishment if found guilty.


Dear District Attorney General Whitley,

Suspect Richard Lee Tyler Russell has an impending court date on charges of aggravated animal cruelty. He stands accused of throwing his pet kitten into a fire pit and leaving the animal to suffer from extensive injuries without medical aid. Although the kitten was later rescued thanks to a tip from a good Samaritan, he reportedly died in agony. The rescue organization who battled to save his life said of the tragedy: “his tiny body was just unable to fight off the horrible burns he was dealing with, plus the smoke inhalation.”

Both this organization, who witnessed the horrific effects firsthand, and the community at large are pleading for justice to be served. Please be vigilant in prosecuting this disturbing case and pursuing the most severe penalty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: TRU Rescue


  1. Put this jerk in a psych ward and don’t ever let him out. Anyone this heartless need not roam free on the streets. I hope one day the guilt over what he did eats him up. RIP poor kitten; I know you are getting petted by God right now. Richard Lee Tyler – rot in a psych cell and I hope your relatives disown you. You wouldn’t work for me anymore if I were your employer either. You could live out your “tough life” on the streets. Hateful jerk!

  2. Stop Animal Abusers says:


  3. Anyone psychotic to do this NEEDS to be burned at the stake! There is no room on the planet for these psychos!

  4. There should be a new law for no walking after accused waiting for trial they need to be take in on the spot, no waiting for a second offense, these abusers are getting away with up to 11 counts of abuse with no actions taken this must,
    (Horrific act)

  5. Throw the demented freak in a pit of fire and roast him slowly

  6. Wendy+Morrison says:


  7. The judges need to give very stiff sentences to animal abusers. The more horrific the abuse, the more horrific the sentence. This kitten was just a sweet baby. This guy makes me sick. I hope he makes the judge sick too.

  8. The problem is, the judges let these scumbags walk. Our justice system is garbage.

  9. Frances Leard says:

    This sick low life scum coward needs to be put out of his evil misery. Throw this lunatic in jail and let the inmates beat him until he suffers like this precious kitty. These idiots must be destroyed since the inept system does nothing to protect the innocent animals. It’s sickening and outrageous.

  10. How can prosecutors and judges let this cruelty continue. They are just as guilty as the abusers.

    • Yes but just like the ones that do this to any animal doesn’t have a heart not even a golden heart 💛 me put I’m prison and let the prisoners know what he has done

  11. Selita Phillips says:

    Stupid judges need to actually give them more than 6 months in jail!!! Stop putting these stupid assholes back into society!!

  12. Bleeding Hearts!! Put a roasting spit up his ass and let’s have a bonfire!! Slowly roasted to death!!! That’s justice served deliciously!!

  13. Andrew Wells says:

    Burn him!!😁😁😁😁

  14. Please put the less than human thing in prison and NEVER let him out!!!!! We have to start punishing these cruds for what they do to defenseless animals. OR, maybe put him in a burning pit also; hopefully, he will suffer also!!!

  15. Dolores Proubasta says:

    No one is going to burn R.L.T. Russell alive, as he deserves. Nor will he be punished by the courts to the extent he deserves (life without parol or death). But there is something society should insist on with such degenerates: to have their photo on public transport conveyances, in police stations, animal welfare organizations and veterinary clinics, and, very importantly, in the Animal Abusers Registry that every community in the USA should maintain. This is a practical way to ostracize such criminals, and one vehemently hopes, a kind hearted vigilante may recognize and beat the daylights out of him.

  16. Please someone set this man on fire and let him die

  17. Mariska Meszaros says:

    Richard Lee Tyler Russell is an evil, vile monster and he must be held accountable! How many other times has he done this, just hasn’t been caught? Trust me, psychos like this have been doing it since childhood! He is a danger to society and must be punished severely.

  18. I firmly believe we need a “do unto others” law for both human (particularly children) victims AND animal victims. If you intentionally harm an animal or human, the same punishment should be meted out to you.

  19. Set him on fire until he dies in pain and hell!

  20. Joanne Bradley says:

    I totally agree with you, hope the scumbag gets what he deserves.

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