Kitten Reportedly Thrown Into Burning Fire Pit Deserves Justice

Target: Ray Whitley, District Attorney General of Summer County, TN

Goal: Prosecute man who allegedly fatally burned pet kitten to fullest extent.

“There was no way to even comprehend the amount of pain he was feeling.” This somber statement came from the rescue group who cared for Phoenix, a five-week-old kitten brought to the Tennessee-based organization. Phoenix had apparently suffered severe burns over much of his body, leaving him with extensive nerve damage. Despite the rescue’s best efforts, Phoenix tragically died from his injuries.

Local police reportedly confirmed that these horrific burns resulted from Phoenix being tossed into a fire pit. He is beleived to have suffered for days without medical intervention before his case was brought to authorities’ attention…precious time that could have been used to save his life. Richard Lee Tyler Russell, the man with whom Phoenix lived, has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

Sign the petition below to demand he receive maximum punishment if found guilty.


Dear District Attorney General Whitley,

Suspect Richard Lee Tyler Russell has an impending court date on charges of aggravated animal cruelty. He stands accused of throwing his pet kitten into a fire pit and leaving the animal to suffer from extensive injuries without medical aid. Although the kitten was later rescued thanks to a tip from a good Samaritan, he reportedly died in agony. The rescue organization who battled to save his life said of the tragedy: “his tiny body was just unable to fight off the horrible burns he was dealing with, plus the smoke inhalation.”

Both this organization, who witnessed the horrific effects firsthand, and the community at large are pleading for justice to be served. Please be vigilant in prosecuting this disturbing case and pursuing the most severe penalty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: TRU Rescue


  1. I have one thing to say about this flipping MORON.
    LIGHT HIM UP!!!!

    R.I.P. Phoenix >^..^<

  2. I can’t begin to say how heartbreaking this is I say put this man on a cross upside down like Dracula would do and set him on fire impale him that’s what I would do he deserves an eye for an eye a burn for a burn but nonetheless he should be made a pedophile for animals and be put in jail for a long time and made an example for other abusers before they do the same thing

  3. Leimamo Oshiro says:

    Richard Lee Tyler Russell, should be toss in the fire pit. BURN IN HELL🔥🔥🔥😡😡🤬🤬A~HOLE

  4. Kirby Vernon says:

    Those poor little kittens. I pray that they are able to heal from their burns and return to good health soon.

  5. This action is beyond my ability to understand. This man is accountable and responsible for this massive torture on such small, innocent, beings. Kittens feel pain. Has this man felt such pain as he caused? No. Will he? Probably not due to judges and the law slapping the wrists of this type of person. This IS torture and murder but in the most horrible way imaginable. We leave this up to states but states do nothing to stop this horror. States still persist in allowing killing contests. That is total ignorance! This torture needs to be punished by the highest case of felony. It’s expensive to keep someone in prison for life. This man doesn’t even deserve that. This man deserves the most severe punishment! He deserves nothing less.

    • Animal lover says:

      I think this person needs to receive a visit from the biker group that goes around protecting animals and giving abusers a taste of their own medicine – in this case it should be the whole bottle and then some! People who hurt animals are sub-human and the only way to get the message that it is unacceptable across to them is pain – a lot of pain

  6. OMG, What kind of vile and evil human could do that to any living thing? That monster and we all know who did this must be severely punished and that means a long jail term, a huge fine, banned from ever having or being around animals and psychiatric treatment as only a really evil sicko could do that to a little kitten.


  7. Michelle Taylor says:

    Animal abusing scumbags require instigation of the death penalty and nothing less!

  8. Gabriela Torres says:

    Eye by eye, tooth by tooth

  9. Ana M. Gonzalez says:

    Unfortunately, there are really no laws that will protect animals from their bloody assassins

  10. Dawn Richardson says:

    Lawmakers need to give severe penalties to psychopaths like this piece of crap. They escalate,becoming even more dangerous.

  11. Alice Knight says:

    This person needs to be given the harshest penalty and be held accountable for his atrocious actions! How cruel could anyone be? This tiny creature to enter this world only to have to face the world at the hands of such a monster. Why? Please make sure there are no accomplices and if there are, they receive the harshest of penalties. We need to implement stricter laws for animal abusers. it seems we always assume they are mentally unstable. Perhaps they are but perhaps not.

  12. OMG light this f*cker up and burn him to a god damn crisp – just do it now – who in the hell would ever consider doing something like this to any animal. You ignorant useless piece of shit – death will be too good for you – you f*cker!!!! The law makers had better get this one right – no slap on the f*cking wrist – not for this ignorant asshole.

  13. This inbred piece of shit needs his community members to inflict the same torture as it did to this helpless kitten!
    It should be easy to find. And, the court system will not do what should be done.
    Anyone up for it???

  14. William Turner says:

    He will burn in hell

  15. Maria-Dolores Paris says:

    Please put him in jail because he doesnt deserve to be a free man!

  16. eleanor dunkavich says:

    I hope the bastard gets what he deserves sicko

  17. Deborah Denaro says:

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE????? This person deserves the same treatment. No animal deserves to be treated this way..they are innocent. Now the perpetrator on the other hand KNEW what he was doing and the pain his action would cause. No sympathy or compassion for him…..burn the POS!

  18. Throw this piece of shit into a deep pit, set him alight, and leave him to burn in hell. What kind of a person does this to a defenceless kitten

  19. Gloria Navan says:

    I hope the charges can be more serious than aggravated assault and a maximum sentence is given. I pray the good guys can convince the court this sadist is a threat to humans and make him hurt.

  20. The punishment should be based off what this person did, his action. Not whom he did it to, whether it’s an animal or human. That’s where the system is broken.
    I feel so sad for this little cat. At minimum this murder should get life in prison.

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