Don’t Let Women Die at Hands of Morality Police

Target: Dr Ensieh KhazAli, Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs of Iran

Goal: Advocate for end of laws and systems that target and harshly punish women.

A young Iranian woman with her entire life before her died while in police custody. Authorities claim she passed away from a heart attack, but skepticism about the manner of her death—as well as officials refusing to allow her family to see her—have sparked days of protests in Iran’s capital city. Almost 20 people have died in the wake of these demonstrations, with the government ominously vowing to crack down even more unforgivingly beyond its current anti-protest actions and internet blackouts. This tragedy appears to be the breaking point for many citizens, especially women, who have endured decades of unrelenting oppression.

Mahsa Amini was taken by Iran’s morality police because they believed she was not wearing her hijab (a head covering) properly. After they relocated her to a so-called reeducation center, no one heard from her until reports emerged that she had fallen into a coma. Three days later, this 22-year-old was pronounced dead. A video has since been dispersed of her collapsing at the facility, and her father claims that upon being given her body it was almost entirely wrapped. The few portions of his daughter’s skin he could see were apparently bruised. Witnesses also allege they saw the woman being struck in the head by police.

This tragedy has renewed calls for an end to Iran’s mandatory hijab law and its controversial morality police. Sign the petition below to support these battles for reform.


Dear Dr, KhazAli,

As the Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs, you represent an integral part of Iran’s population. Please do not turn a blind eye as women and men across the nation are finding their voices and speaking out. The death of Mahsa Amini was a tragedy, but it represents even larger adversities and tragedies playing out within the country. A movement has been born, and it is a movement no amount of brute force may stop in the long-term.

In the past, such movements have toppled power structures that refused to evolve and adapt with a changing world. The same tensions are unfolding today, with Iranian leaders refusing to enact or even listen to proposed reforms to the hijab law and the morality policing system. Continuing to ignore these pleas may imperil your job. On a more fundamental level, inaction would defy your duty and your oath to the women of Iran.

The current protests have the drive and the motivation but not the leadership. Please step up and be that leader from within who can advocate, negotiate, and help usher forward a better era for all Iranians.


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