Stop Alleged Imprisonment and Exploitation of Sloths for Profit

Target: Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York

Goal: Demand the closure of a business that allegedly exploits sloths.

Sloth Encounters LI is a recently established business that allows customers to handle and feed captive sloths. The owner of this operation claims that the storefront provides people with an educational experience, and reasons that the animals all are well cared for. Animal activists, however, point out that these sloths–which are native to the tropical rainforests of Central and South America–belong in canopies, grazing on leaves of their choosing and moving from one tree to another, not in a small enclosure located next to an ice cream store, where they are forced to constantly interact with humans.

In addition to seemingly holding tens of sloths captive, Sloth Encounters LI has also been cited for several permit violations, including the lack of a change-of-use permit, and fire code violations that make the store a potentially hazardous environment for the sloths residing there. Several customers have also come forward, citing accounts of having been bitten by the sloths. Sloths are wild animals and are not built for human interaction.

The only real educational experience this sloth encounter seemingly encourages is that it is acceptable for humans to steal animals from their natural habitats for monetary gain. Sign this petition to demand the closure of Sloth Encounters LI.


Dear Governor Hochul,

The recently established Sloth Encounters LI business has sparked outrage from animal activists across the state of New York. On Route 347 in what was once a pool supply shop, tens of sloths are held captive, subjected to constant interaction with strangers varying in age and animal handling maturity.

These wild animals are extremely sensitive, and do not respond particularly well from direct interactions. In fact, several customers have already been bitten by the sloths. Sloths are also nocturnal, so handling these animals during the day disrupts their entire circadian rhythm and biological inclinations.

Sloth Encounters LI, which opened under the guise of an educational opportunity for the public, is just another example of people exploiting exotic animals for money. These sloths belong in the rainforests of Central and South America, grazing from trees and moving across the landscape, not jammed in some tiny enclosure.

We are asking you, Ms. Hochul, to close Sloth Encounters LI altogether. Sloths are not ours to use for entertainment.


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