Success: Endangered Species Once Again Federally Protected

Target: Jon S. Tigar, U.S. District Judge

Goal: Praise the conservation of vulnerable, threatened, and endangered species and the ending of outrageous Trump-era changes to the Endangered Species Act.

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is essential for the conservation of endangered species and the preservation of our nation’s biodiversity. This act encourages the recovery of threatened species by prohibiting the harming or killing of endangered species; banning the import, export, and sale of endangered species; and requiring the designation of critical habitat.

Despite the importance of this act, Trump’s administration made a series of totally unnecessary rollbacks in 2019 that weakened the protection of endangered species under the Endangered Species Act. Changes included making it easier to delist species so that they wouldn’t receive ESA protections, allowing economic factors to be considered when determining whether or not a species is “worth” saving, and making it more difficult to designate areas as “critical habitat”.

Luckily, a California federal judge recently undid these Trump-era changes to the ESA and restored many of the protections previously afforded under the Endangered Species Act. In these previous ForceChange petitions, people called for an overturn of the rule that confines endangered animals to polluted habitats and to stop the hunting of endangered wolves and other species in wildlife refuges. Under this new legislation, critical habitats are now more easily attainable and protections have been restored for hundreds of species, including the gray wolf.

Sign this petition to thank District Judge Jon S. Tigar for restoring past ESA protections and for acknowledging the importance of conserving endangered species.


Dear Judge Tigar,

The Endangered Species Act has been a source of protection for endangered species since it was first passed in 1973. However, in 2019, the Trump-administration made a series of totally unnecessary changes to this act, mostly in the name of protecting corporate industry. These changes made it easier to delist species and harder to designate critical areas, therefore abandoning many of the protections previously afforded to certain wildlife and plants. The administration also encouraged that economic factors override scientific analysis when deciding whether or not to list a species as endangered.

Luckily, these changes did not last long. We at the ForceChange community would like to thank you, Mr. Tigar, for your contribution to the protection of endangered species all over the U.S.. Through restoring past ESA protections, you will help save thousands of species from extinction, as well as the ecosystems that they promote.

Thank you again for helping to maintain our planet and the species who call it home.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Irish Cornaire says:

    This is not true,over 200 wolves were just slaughtered in Yellowstone Park and bears too,Biden has reneged on his promise to protect our wildlife and is even now lifting the executive order so that trophy hunters can bring their kills to the US from Africa so no wild animal is under protection at this time.

    • Rita Lemkuil says:

      Yeah, and where’s the buffalo’s protection or the wild horses, burro’s, the list goes on. IN another two years, we’ll should be putting EVERY SPECIES on the list!

      • Rita Lemkuil says:

        Excuse my grammar, I meant to say, “we should be.” I can’t seem to edit anymore because this stupid site jumps around too much, so, I’ll leave it at that…

    • Evan Jane Kriss says:

      This is true in CALIFORNIA, where this judge has jurisdiction. Read again.

    • Look who biden puts in charge. Deb haaland who has not done a damn thing. martha williams who guns down defenseless animals for fun. biden just like trump is the problem.

  2. We humans are not the only species on this planet. We do NOT make the world go round. In fact, we are not as important as we think we are. Earth and it’s various life forms have existed for millions of years without Homo sapiens. They evolved to occupy every niche. If they couldn’t change, they died. We humans have upset the balance. We modify the Earth for our benefit – cut down entire forests, damn rivers, use toxic chemicals, dump plastic into oceans, raise our livestock to compete with wildlife and rape the Earth for minerals and fuels which cause more problems. When will we learn that it’s NOT all about the money and power and start to treat this Earth with respect for the only home she is to us? It’s at least good to see that the ESA protections are being reinstated.

    • Barbara Smolinski says:

      What you have said is so true and very well said. It seems that most of us who want these change’s made to help are powerless to stop the harm being done. Yet Earth Liberation is considered as criminal activity and the members are imprisoned longer then human murderer’s yet no human was ever harmed with exception of a member their themselves!

    • Patricia Schwartzmann says:

      Dear Judge Tigar,
      Unfortunately only to some extent …
      wildlife is still not included under the Endangered Protection Act: elephants. wolves, foxes, leopards, lions, deer, etc., are being mercilessly murdered by the so-called hunters who set up animal traps to murder them unmercifully! – in my opinion, they should be decorated with a medal for their bravery!

  3. Look who Biden appoints as leader. Deb Haaland, who has done absolutely nothing. martha williams, who enjoys shooting helpless animals. The issue is that Trump and Biden are similar.

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