Justice for Rescue Animals Allegedly Trapped at Neglectful and Abusive Facility

Target: A. Billingsley, Borough Attorney of North Star Fairbanks Borough

Goal: Prosecute animal rescue business owner accused of multiple counts of cruelty to fullest extent.

It took two decades and several accusations of animal neglect and cruelty, but Alaska’s Loving Companions Animal Rescue has finally closed its doors. After a neglect complaint was made to local police earlier in the year, an investigation commenced that eventually resulted in the under-fire organization’s closure. Now, its owner, Donna Buck-Davis, is facing animal cruelty charges that include a felony count.

Among the allegations are reports from individuals who volunteered at the site of poor, unsanitary, and unlivable conditions. The fact that the accused marketed this place as a refuge for the most vulnerable and at-risk animals makes the possible abuses committed even worse. Such potential crimes undermine the whole cause of animal rescues and do harm to genuinely compassionate individuals who do have good intentions.

Sign the petition below to demand this woman be held to account if she is found guilty.


Dear Attorney Billingsley,

Loving Companions Animal Rescue seemingly flew under the radar for 20-plus years. While on the surface this organization presented an image of empathy, love for animals, and good service, volunteers allege the true reflection was much darker. Apparently, allegations of abuse and neglect have been a consistent fixture.

The reported response to these concerns, however, was anything but consistent or prompt. This potentially clear and present danger to animal welfare was even allowed to remain in operation while it underwent a felony-level investigation. Only when the charges came back did it shutter. Please ensure the pursuit of justice in this case does not meet a similar plodding dead end.

Donna Buck-Davis allegedly violated her most essential duties of care multiple times. She should pay the maximum possible price if she is deemed guilty.


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  1. Avatar photo Torah Wolf says:

    I can’t believe this place is so cruel they take rescue animals and they just throw them in a cage and forget about them? what kind of facility is this?? I pray to God that this facility is shut down that God intervenes and these animals are rescued quickly and sent to a sanctuary where they are actually cared for by people who actually care these people at this facility are an abomination to their holy Father and should be thrown out with the trash!!!

  2. Jaime Perez says:

    This horrible woman needs to spend the rest of her miserable, disgusting life in jail! How dare she be so cruel to the innocent animals!! I’m glad this place was finally shut down, but too bad it took so long.

  3. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    ABUSE and NEGLECT of living beings is NEVER acceptable, much more so when the facility “protecting” them purports to be a rescue. Delayed action after receipt of complaints is unconscionable, as it results in prolonged suffering and/or death/s. Prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law for multiple counts of egregious animal abuse and cruelty. Make them pay all vet bills to restore these poor animals to full health. Rescind ALL animal care licenses and BAN them from ever purchasing, owning, caring for, working with or living with any animals ever again. Ensure all animals are sent to reputable organizations or sanctuaries.

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