Success: No New Havens for Fossil Fuel Plunderers

Target: Deb Haaland, Secretary of U.S. Department of Interior

Goal: Support cancellation of environmentally detrimental oil and gas leases in Alaska and Gulf of Mexico.

The past few years have seen the United States’ standing in reducing climate change-inducing carbon emissions tumble dramatically, according to a recent report. Much of these disheartening setbacks are attributable to a wholesale rollback of environmental policies under the Trump administration. This ForceChange petition  rebuked one such detrimental effort involving the sale of Alaskan conservation lands for oil and gas plundering. Thankfully, these calls for restored sanity and protection have finally been answered.

The Department of the Interior recently canceled a high-profile oil and gas lease for Alaska’s Cook Inlet. This watershed is home to several national parks and a host of wildlife, including critically endangered beluga whales. Because of the cancellation, one million-plus acres of this pristine habitat will now be safeguarded from fossil fuel exploitation. In addition to this needed action, the administration also voided two oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico that would have posed a risk to countless wildlife in these areas.

Sign the petition below to thank leaders for reversing course and moving in the right direction on essential conservation and climate issues.


Dear Secretary Haaland,

With the recent release of a report detailing America’s sad status in meeting net-zero carbon emissions goals, the announcement of three oil and gas lease cancellations by the Department of the Interior was welcome news. These actions honor a promise to engage in more environmentally friendly policies and a renewed commitment to addressing the climate crisis that is endangering the world. Moreover, millions of acres of precious land, waterways, and habitats will now be protected.

Thank you for fulfilling this crucial objective.


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