Dogs Allegedly Killed by Police Officer and Buried at Training Facility Deserve Justice

Target: Maureen T. Platt, State’s Attorney for Waterbury, CT

Goal: Punish police officer accused of abusing and fatally injuring dogs during training exercises to fullest extent if found guilty.

A man who took an oath to enforce the law was allegedly busy violating it instead. Worse yet, this man also swore to protect the victims of his reported crimes. David Rivera, Jr., an officer in a Connecticut K-9 police unit, is charged with cruelty that apparently led to the deaths of at least ten canines under his care.

The suspect operated a dog training facility as a side business, which is where the allegations of cruelty originated. He came to the attention of authorities when several clients reported having their dogs returned in unhealthy and unstable condition following stays at the facility. Many clients noted that the dogs appeared afraid of humans. When a search warrant was obtained, among the items seized were explosives seemingly used in an illegal and unsafe manner to “train” dogs as sniffers. An even more horrifying discovery arose when searchers reportedly found the bodies of ten deceased canines buried on business grounds. Because of these disturbing findings, over 30 dogs were seized from the property and Rivera was prohibited from contact with animals until the case concludes.

Due to the egregious nature of these multiple charges of animal cruelty and Rivera’s standing as an officer, punishment must be stringent. Sign the petition below to urge prosecutors to seek the maximum penalty in the event of a guilty verdict.


Dear Ms. Platt,

Dog caretakers often feel that their furry friends are family. When they entrust their family member to another person, and a seeming professional, a breach of this trust is a violation. Multiple clients of David Rivera, Jr.’s dog training business believe this violation occurred. Evidence suggests that the animals under Rivera’s care may have been abused, traumatized, and, in the worst cases, killed.

This man worked with dogs for a living as a police officer, making his alleged crimes and breaches of trust all the more horrendous. Please seek full justice for every possible victim impacted in this case by pursuing the strongest charges and potential sentences.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. They will give this pos a medal.

  2. Elease M. Bradford says:

    David Rivera Jr. is a sadistic, depraved, slimy snake. His abuse and murder of these innocent dogs is unacceptable. How did he get away with this cruelty for so long? His “dog training” business needs to be shut down, he needs to be severely punished and his badge taken away from him. RIP fur babies and I hope you get justice.

  3. This vile,mentally deranged scumbag, severe dog aubsing evil cretin, most definately requires instigation of the death penalty!

  4. This POS needs to be behind bars for this horrible animal abuse – WTF is wrong with the system that this shit just continually keeps happening – let’s get rid of this asshole as quick as possible before more innocent animals are killed. This is just pathetic and so incredibly horrible.

  5. Shut this mother fucking piece of shite down for good!! This is NOT acceptable & needs jail time for this horrific abuse! Killing 10 canines in training??!! How on earth did this even happen? It’s not by accident by any means. This whole obviously is one sadistic mofo who enjoys hurting & murdering innocent intelligent beautiful canines. Can you say PSYCHOPATH much?!!

  6. Avatar photo Torah Wolf says:

    This officers is a piece of shit and he’s no different from anybody else he puts on that uniform and he lets the power go to his head God hates people like that who are so self-righteous and elevate themselves above others that’s what he did and that’s why he killed those dogs and not only should he lose his job he should go to jail and never never be allowed to be around animals again as far as I’m concerned he is an animal pedophile!!!

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