Dogs Reportedly Found Starving and Emaciated in Feces-Filled Pen Deserve Justice

Target: Stephen Herron, Director of the Public Prosecution Service of Northern Ireland

Goal: Seek maximum penalty against man accused of depriving dogs of food, water, and humane habitat.

Authorities in Northern Ireland recently converged on a residence where two siblings were supposedly taking care of dogs. They were reportedly greeted to a house filled with trash and animal feces and urine. Their discoveries in the home’s garden were apparently even worse. The “habitation” of the siblings’ two dogs allegedly consisted of a pen not even large enough for the animals to lie down in, along with a chain. Reports indicate no water or bedding was found in the pen, but that it did contain heaps of excrement. The animals themselves were recorded as having a body score of one, which indicates they were extremely emaciated. No veterinary visits could be found for the dogs, either.

The judge hearing the case described it as a “litany of the most horrible acts a human being can carry out” and called the acts “beyond contemplation.” Despite this assessment, the brother and sister were still given a three-month suspended sentence and probation, respectively. This sentence came despite the fact that the brother had previously been found guilty of animal cruelty and forbidden from having a pet.

The siblings’ father will soon face his own cruelty charges related to this case. Sign the petition below to demand the system not let a potential miscarriage of justice happen again.


Dear Director Herron,

“Cruelty in the extreme” were the words used to describe the charges brought against Mark and Hannah Henry of Craigavon. The siblings pleaded guilty to severely neglecting their family dogs and keeping them in inhumane conditions. At the time they were rescued, the animals reportedly had the lowest possible body score of one. They may very well have been rescued from an imminent and painful death.

The warning signs were there. Mark Henry had a previous animal cruelty conviction and had been prevented contact with any animals. He seemingly willfully violated this order, yet he got a minor, suspended sentence as “punishment.” Such a non-penalty does not match the harshness of a crime the very judge hearing the case described as “a litany of the most horrible acts” and “beyond comprehension.”

Another member of this family, Matron Henry, will soon have his day in court regarding these animal cruelty charges. Please pursue a penalty in this case that truly reflects the gravity of the alleged crimes.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Archibald Marajas


  1. Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    Once again the punishment does not fit the crime. Law needs to change to reflect the abuse metered out upon innocent animals.

  2. When proper punishment for a provable and heinous crime is just a slap on the wrist then the crime just keeps happening. We, all across this planet, need to seriously address animal abuse in order to stop it. All three of these people should be in jail and banned for life from any animal ownership. Anything less is just enabling abuse.

  3. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    If you own animals you have a moral and ethical obligation to properly care for them; if you’re unable or unwilling to do so, you have a moral and ethical obligation to surrender them to an individual or an organization that can. Prosecute this monster to the fullest extent of the law for multiple counts of egregious animal neglect and cruelty. BAN him from ever purchasing, owning, caring for, working with or living with any animals ever again.

  4. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    …and, MAKE HIM PAY ALL VET BILLS to restore these poor dogs to full health!!!

  5. You bastards need to have the same treatment given to you – no food, no water – what the hell is wrong with both of you. You had a responsibility to care for these animals right from the start and if you decided you didn’t want to take care of them then you had a responsibility to surrender them to a facility that could care for them. What you did is unbelievable and cruel and you should spend the rest of your pathetic days in jail. You do not deserve anything better!!!

  6. Jaime Perez says:

    What the hell is wrong with those in authority? A suspended sentence? Really??! Those two little bastards and the dad deserve the same treatment they inflicted on the poor dogs. Throw them all in jail for the rest of their miserable lives.

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