Hamsters Apparently Tortured and Killed With Scorching Hot Liquid on Instagram Deserve Justice

Target: Fairfax County, Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Steve Descano

Goal:  Give maximum prison sentence to man who reportedly abused and killed hamsters on video.

A hamster died after scorching hot liquid was allegedly poured on the animal. More hamsters died after reportedly being continuously beaten with blunt objects. Sheheryar Kamran was arrested shortly afterwards. He needs to be prosecuted and spend the most time in prison possible if it is found he committed these heinous acts.

Videos on social media platforms appear to show hamsters screeching in pain while they are being hit repeatedly. Kamran allegedly posted the videos on Instagram and linked them to the Gabby Petito case when the investigation was still ongoing.

People who abuse and purposely kill animals often graduate to severely hurting and murdering people. However, despite this fact and the despicable animal cruelty that may have taken place, the state of Virginia refuses to prosecute Kamran. Sign this petition to demand these innocent animals get the justice they deserve if it is discovered they were violently abused and killed.


Dear Commonwealth Attorney Descano,

Sheheryar Kamran was brought up on animal cruelty charges after video appeared to show him pouring hot liquid on a hamster and bashing others with heavy objects. It is important he is prosecuted and brought to justice if he is found guilty so that other animals will be less likely to suffer.

Audio sounds of hamsters making troublesome noises can allegedly be heard on social media videos that Kamran posted. Furthermore, because he reportedly posted the videos and linked them to the Gabby Petito case, many people were likely traumatized while watching these animals die slow and agonizing deaths. Additionally, studies show that people who abuse animals usually go on to torture and kill people.

It is therefore unacceptable that the state of Virginia has decided to drop the charges against Kamran. For these reasons, I demand this case go to trial and that Kamran be sent to prison if it is found he harmed and killed these helpless creatures.


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  1. Joy Sperry says:

    So a person can torture and kill innocent animals and get away with it? Despicable. He is obviously a violent and cruel person with no conscience whatsoever. He should be in jail!

  2. Ross+Allen says:

    Unspeakably despicable. Prosecute and lock up this vile POS in the worst prison.

  3. Josie Olive says:

    Why is it always the colored

  4. This inhuman monster needs to be tortured and burned alive, then his lifeless body mutilated and beaten into hell! I’m so sick and tired of reading reports of poor, defenseless, voiceless animals suffering through imaginable cruelty at the hands of psychopaths who either never get prosecuted and/ or slap on the wrist. It is disgusting that we live in world with such evil, vile behavior allowed to breathe. We need justice on behalf of furbabies who can’t defend themselves.

  5. Barbara Garrison says:

    Sheheryet Kamran is an evil sadist and should be buried. There’s no excuse for this. He’s a dangerous person with no right to be alive.

  6. Vanessa Strougo says:

    Send this bastard back to the Hell Hole Country
    He came From …Though He deserves far worse

  7. The ‘Commonwealth of Virginia’ is complicit in this unspeakably vicious and purposeless act of violence and cruelty. Because it doesn’t intend to prosecute. So that other such perpetrators as the guy here are given a green light. A green light to promote on social media the same vile sadism and cruelty.

    What is it, the cost?

  8. This waste of oxygen is very disturbed. Lock it up asap. A curse on you, you vile pos.

  9. Elizabeth Noseworthy says:

    He doesn’t deserve to live… Evil sick monster

  10. Please arrest SCUMBAG LOWLIFE Sheheryar Kamran and put him in prison to be sodomized everyday! With a name like Sheheryar Kamran, he will probably kill people eventually since he loves torturing animals!! Also instagram is to be blamed as well for allowing this sickness to be posted!!



  12. Why have charges been dropped for such a cruel act and filming it too? Virginia sounds like another backward state and i hope this monster gets what is coming to IT.sadistic , horrible thing that it is.

  13. This piece of shit should have hot oils poured on him, then beaten to death! Let the sentence fit the crime but that would take someone with balls. Why is that these people get away with such hortific crimes against poor defenceless animals – what could a hampster hsve done to deserve this? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

  14. this piece of shit needs to have the same treatment done to him pour acid in his face and light them on fire

  15. Cathy Baron says:

    What the hell is wrong with the state of Virginia – are you all just animal abusers????? This bastard doesn’t deserve freedom or even jail time – he deserves to be scalded with hot liquid – just put a bullet in his head – OMG what is wrong with people??

  16. The State of Virginia, this is your responsibility to change your animal abuse/cruelty laws. This is the fault of the people. These vile POS people go free because of you. Do something. Get your act together.

  17. Gregory Bell says:

    I H-A-T-E cunts like these with such intensity that I would love to sink a bullet into the cocksucker’s fucking brain. I hope karma gets this POS.

  18. This leaves me in tears of despair at this cruel and inhumane treatment of innocent little creatures who only deserve love and respect. I hope this vile excuse for a human being rots in jail and gets the whole ripple effect of his karma come back to him asap.

  19. This planet would be much safer/better off without a great many humans. Pure evil.

  20. Janice Johnson says:

    Horrific. Violent coward! He needs to serve maximum prison sentence. Maybe while inside he might get to experience some violence himself, and get what he deserves. Courts are to soft on animal abusers.

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