Hamsters Apparently Tortured and Killed With Scorching Hot Liquid on Instagram Deserve Justice

Target: Fairfax County, Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Steve Descano

Goal:  Give maximum prison sentence to man who reportedly abused and killed hamsters on video.

A hamster died after scorching hot liquid was allegedly poured on the animal. More hamsters died after reportedly being continuously beaten with blunt objects. Sheheryar Kamran was arrested shortly afterwards. He needs to be prosecuted and spend the most time in prison possible if it is found he committed these heinous acts.

Videos on social media platforms appear to show hamsters screeching in pain while they are being hit repeatedly. Kamran allegedly posted the videos on Instagram and linked them to the Gabby Petito case when the investigation was still ongoing.

People who abuse and purposely kill animals often graduate to severely hurting and murdering people. However, despite this fact and the despicable animal cruelty that may have taken place, the state of Virginia refuses to prosecute Kamran. Sign this petition to demand these innocent animals get the justice they deserve if it is discovered they were violently abused and killed.


Dear Commonwealth Attorney Descano,

Sheheryar Kamran was brought up on animal cruelty charges after video appeared to show him pouring hot liquid on a hamster and bashing others with heavy objects. It is important he is prosecuted and brought to justice if he is found guilty so that other animals will be less likely to suffer.

Audio sounds of hamsters making troublesome noises can allegedly be heard on social media videos that Kamran posted. Furthermore, because he reportedly posted the videos and linked them to the Gabby Petito case, many people were likely traumatized while watching these animals die slow and agonizing deaths. Additionally, studies show that people who abuse animals usually go on to torture and kill people.

It is therefore unacceptable that the state of Virginia has decided to drop the charges against Kamran. For these reasons, I demand this case go to trial and that Kamran be sent to prison if it is found he harmed and killed these helpless creatures.


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  1. VA this is why you have a crime problem. Execute kamran.

  2. Dear GOD, there has to be an end to this EVIL…

  3. Elizabeth Mattfield says:

    I am ashamed to own property in this state that lets psychopaths roam free.

  4. Why can’t they lock up this monster forever?

  5. Tammy+Rossetti says:

    Its Viginia, what can you expect?

  6. Just because these are small defenseless hamsters doesn’t mean the crime is any the less haness. This is a mentally demented sick bastard that needs severe time before he starts working on bigger animals then humans!!!!
    What’s wrong with the legal system there ???
    What’s wrong with social media that allows this crap???

  7. Michael McKasty says:

    Why the hell are they dropping the charges? Disgraceful, don’t be surprised when this POS hurts/kills another animal or person it’s only a matter of time, what a disgrace VA!

  8. Why are Instagram and FB even showing this horrific stuff. STOP!!!!!!

    • I couldn t agree more… Social networks really need to review how their policies are enforced.

      I had a post about COP2021 deleted because the picture (airplanes parked) wasn t taken on these dates. Yet narcos (drug lords) explicitly offer jobs without trouble.

      Many people just crave attention (likes, shares). Not being able to show off may avoid such things to happen

  9. It is beyond me to understand the evil within some people that could do this to helpless creatures…
    This case has to go to trial!

  10. Kamran is pure evil. May this monster endure the exact same horrific pain he so willingly inflicted on these poor innocent defenceless victims.

  11. Don’t show this crap so the scum doesn’t get any glory for being a sadistic POS. Report them to the police so they can be prosecuted for animal cruelty. Despicable.

  12. Shame on you Virginia state for not looking after animals and letting cruelty take place with no repercussions! Antiquated state more like!

  13. Julie Marquez says:

    If these social media platforms would STOP giving this a platform, then there would be no audience for this disgusting display of cruelty. They need to take action! Meanwhile, let’s douse this person in hot oil and see how they like it.

  14. I hope this lowdown bastard rots in hell!! Scum of the Earth!

  15. Rose Coffey says:

    What sick sadistic people we have out there. And then to post what you are doing to a social media platform and the social media platform allows it to be show, well that should NEVER happen. Put this guy in prison where he can try to torture other inmates; we’ll see how THAT goes.

  16. All the social media platforms that show this violence have blood on their hands. The more I read about certain states the more I believe that all that I have heard is true. Why is this POS not being prosecuted???????????? So much for being a civilized country who just mouths words about protecting it’s innocent.

  17. He is an evil human. May justice be served. Someday, it will happen.

  18. One of these days they scum bags will have to face God and I hope I’m there to watch the shit hit the fan when he dishes out the justice for killing on of his creatures.

  19. Humans ARFE the sourge of the earth and ANY animal abuser should get the very same right back…this includes factory farmers and workers!!!

  20. Pamela Levernier says:

    Post it’s picture. People of Virginia, you know what needs to be done, something that the courts will not.
    It’s easy to find someone. That’s the only justice that will deter other psychopaths from doing these atrocities.

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