16 Injured Dogs Reportedly Living in Own Feces and Forced to Fight Deserve Justice

Target: Lee County, FL State Attorney Amira D. Fox

Goal: Give prison sentences to men who reportedly forced dogs to fight on a regular basis.

Police allegedly found 16 Pitbull mixed breeds with severe injuries locked inside cages with their own waste. Anthony Pew Sr. and Anthony Pew Jr. were arrested shortly afterwards. These suspects need to spend a long time behind bars if it is found they mistreated these innocent animals.

Investigators reportedly observed the dogs fighting each other through their crates and another one tearing up a stuffed animal. A dog trainer familiar with the case explained that such aggressive behaviors are taught. He further said that typically, owners will provoke dogs by doing things like beating and yelling at them. Besides allegedly observing the dogs being combative, authorities also claimed they found many items at two residences, such as treadmills, that are usually associated with training dogs to fight.

Luckily, all the dogs were rescued. However, for these dogs to be adopted, they will have to be taught how to not be contentious toward people and animals. Sign this petition to demand the people thought to be involved in this dogfighting ring be punished to the fullest extent of the law if they are found guilty of this animal cruelty.


Dear State Attorney Fox,

Anthony Pew Sr. and Anthony Pew Jr. were recently arrested for allegedly training and forcing dogs to fight. It is important they both be given prison sentences if it is found they were involved in this horrible act to better ensure other animals will be less likely to suffer.

Police claimed they found 16 dogs that had massive wounds inside cages with feces and urine. The dogs were reportedly trying to bite each other through their enclosures. Investigators further allegedly found items inside two homes that are mostly used to train dogs for fighting, including treadmills that these animals are forced to exercise on for the purpose of developing bigger muscles.

Although it is good news that all the dogs were found alive, they will not find loving homes unless they can be trained to display more amicable behaviors toward others. For these reasons, we demand you suggest the Pews receive lengthy prison sentences if it is found that they mistreated these helpless dogs.


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Photo Credit: 2dogspaws

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  1. It always happens in Florida! Why can’t these miserable places be closed once and for all?
    Who is paying off the officials under the table? There can be no other reason this agony continues and perverts are allowed to use dogs to extract money from low life people. Give money incentives to inform on people continuing this horror and torture. You must ask the question how this continues in spite of the threat of the law if not by payoffs to those in power who turn their heads. All found involved in this cruelty, even law enforcement or government, must be held accountable and punished bu prison and fine. Prison for at least 1120 years, no less. and fines into the hundred of thousands. That may stop these horrific people and the crimes they allow to continue.

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