Don’t Let Fossil Fuel Special Interests Dictate Public Policy

Target: Joe Manchin, U.S. Senator

Goal: Stop investing in and accepting money from fossil fuel entities that represent conflicts of interest.

Senator Joe Manchin once again put himself in the spotlight by railing against his own party’s commitment to energy-efficient autos. In an interview, he gave illogical reasoning for being “very reluctant to go down the path of electric vehicles (EVs),” stating “I’m old enough to remember standing in line in 1974 trying to buy gas – I remember those days. I don’t want to have to be standing in line waiting for a battery for my vehicle.” Manchin appears to not even have understanding of how EVs work, as the batteries are installed in the car before they ever leave the factory, where they remain for the duration of their lifespan. He also supposedly “has a hard time understanding” why the government would invest in charging stations, which will be needed if major auto manufacturers turn their focus to EVs.

The senator seems desperately in search of a problem when the true problem is his long-time connection to fossil fuel special interests. He’s made millions from his ownership of West Virginia’s Grant Town plant: a company that specializes in cheap, knock-off coal waste. He used his political power to get this company permits to pollute, tax credits, and other breaks that puffed up its revenue while hiking local energy costs to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sign the petition below to demand Congress’ most lobbied Senator divest himself of holdings and connections that present a clear conflict of interest.


Dear Senator Manchin,

You completely misled Americans about electric cars in an attempt to downplay and dismiss their value. Whether you really do not know how these vehicles fundamentally work or whether you were deliberately painting a false picture, your words and your actions are not acceptable. Unfortunately, they are on-brand.

Would EVs be more acceptable for you if they were powered by gob: the substance that made you and Grant Town millions while local energy consumers suffered? Your continued actions in propping up this investment despite clear conflicts of interest sparked a federal investigation and questions about your ethics that linger to this day. Fossil fuel industries have seemingly taken notice, as they throw more money at you than any other Senator in Washington.

If you want to begin thinking about your legacy, divest yourself of holdings like this plant that call your corruptibility into question. Stop accepting large payoffs from special interests in the fossil fuel sector. And, simplest of all, get educated about electric vehicles and about the climate crisis that will devastate West Virginia, the United States, and the entire planet if obstructive efforts like yours continue.


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  1. Personally I feel Mansion is two faced. Like Trump he lies, he cheats, he takes graft, he is concerned with his money not those who elected him. He’s a disgrace to the party. If he had any self respect he would resign. He’s a money grubber and a manipulator. He says one thing to support legislation, turns right around and denies the very same legislation. I have no respect for the man and feel the way he promises to do something only to back out at the last minute was effective but now is getting old. I have no regard for anyone who sponges off people to gain monetary value for himself. Manchin may die rich but Karma is a bitch!

  2. I have always felt that he is a Republican plant. A very bad person.

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