Dog Who Reportedly Starved and Died in Her Own Waste Deserves Justice

Target: Craven County, NC District Attorney Scott Thomas

Goal: Give man strictest legal sentence for allegedly allowing dog to die in waste infested crate without food or water.

A dog named Sugar allegedly died while starving in her crate. Jon Civils was arrested shortly afterwards. He must spend time behind bars and no longer be allowed to have pets if he is found guilty of this cruelty to better ensure other animals will not have to endure the same fate.

According to reports, Civils was responsible for Sugar’s wellbeing from February 9 to March 14. During that time period, he allegedly kept Sugar locked inside a crate and did not provide her access to food or water.

He is currently being held on a $75,000 bond and may not have animals in his care before his court date. Sign this petition to demand Civils spend the maximum amount of time behind bars and to further insist he no longer be legally allowed to be around animals if he is found guilty of such inexcusable abuse.


Dear District Attorney Thomas,

Jon Civils was charged with animal cruelty after his dog Sugar was allegedly found emaciated and lying dead in her crate without food or water. It is important that he is given the harshest sentence possible if it is discovered he neglected this animal so that other dogs will be less likely to suffer.

Reports indicate that Sugar was under Civil’s care for a little over a month. The dog allegedly lived inside a closed crate without food or water while Civils had her in his possession.

His bond is set at $75,000, and he could spend 39 months in prison if he is found guilty of the charges. Due to the severity of the accusations, I demand you suggest Civils no longer be allowed to have pets and that you also advise he receive the toughest sentence allowed by law if it is found he neglected and abused this innocent dog.


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Photo Credit: Lucignolobrescia


  1. Peter Brill says:

    Animal cruelty and neglect such as this is heartbreaking. We can, and should, imprison and fine the perpetrators severely. Unfortunately the cruelty continues. Doesn’t your heart just break? How can we fix this? We should have a national conference to brainstorm for better ideas.
    Maybe once a year an organization such as the aspca should visit every registered animal owner to check that the animal is receiving proper care.

  2. Im crying. Just a puppy. You sick son of a bitch.

  3. Aprille Gilmore says:

    This is animal torture. If we don’t sentence the perpetrator of torture to jail time + a hefty fine, why bother pretending we have laws at all? My God, this is a horrific crime.

  4. Jacqueline Bojorquez says:

    This animal abuser should be put in a crate also and starved, only then there will be justice for this innocent angel. The same treatment given to innocent animals from their abusers should also be given to the animal abuser when caught. But instead they get a slap on the wrist which encourages them to continue to do this since they know they will get away with it.

  5. There is no shortage of cruel people in this world and it is time for tough laws. They think they will only get a slap on the wrist and be free to do this again. Tougher laws and stiff sentences may reduce some cruelty. These animals don’t deserve to die. I just don’t understand the degenerates who don’t care.

  6. Susan PYne-Gannon says:

    This soulless sub-human needs to pay for his crime with a long stay in jail and a huge fine! To think how that poor baby suffered just breaks my heart. How anyone can be that cruel is beyond my comprehension. LOCK HIM UP!!

  7. This person has no place in the animal world. By treating this sweet animal like this, he can treat children like that too. I would like to see him in prison for three years instead of the 39 months. Please include his name in an animal abuse book so people will know where he lives and his name.

  8. Kae Blecha says:

    This should be a no-brained, but there’s no telling with North Carolina. If he does go to prison, he needs to do his time in general population.

  9. William Foreman says:

    Stop the terrorism on 🇺🇦 Ukraine

    Ban all cat meat trade !!!!!

  10. quinten putnam says:

    No puppy and no creature should endure such miserable conditions!!! The SCUMBAG that did this must pay severely for this crime against nature and innocence!!!!!

    To Sugar RIP sweetheart you didn’t deserve this…

  11. “The only difference between a dog, cat, horse and dolphin and a cow, chicken, pig and turkey is perception. One is no more valuable than another. And yet in this culture, we hold the former animals in high esteem and the latter we brutalize for food. All animals are deserving of respect and freedom from violence. The way to respect others is veganism.”

    • AMEN!!! Someday, society will look back at the folks from this day and time and wonder how they could be sooo cruel n barbaric!
      No wonder I prefer the company of animals over people!!!

      I’m in animal rescue n have seen worse than this case.😪 can’t unsee.

  12. sherry mainquist says:

    OMG, how this poor pup musta suffered!Day in and day out watching and smelling food being cooked. And that POS denied her food and water. And never being let out of that cage to go for a walk or potty. She musta been so confused and scared. Wondering what she had done wrong to deserve this treatment…
    How can a person watch this poor animal anguish before their eyes? RIP sweet Sugar. As for Civils theres a special place in HELL for you.!!! And where is the owner of this dog? They need to be in jail too for letting him take care of her!!!

  13. N. Broadley says:

    I’m so sick of seeing and hearing of animal abuse and neglect in these southern states (NC TX TN) These places are full of inbreds that should not be allowed near animals!

  14. N. Broadley says:

    I’m so sick of seeing and hearing of animal abuse and neglect in these southern states (NC SC TX TN) These places are full of inbreds that should not be allowed near animals!

  15. This pure evil MF should be exterminated! Get these murdering bastards off the planet. The law is a joke and will do nothing. How many more defenseless animals will endure unimaginable and prolonged hell on earth before lawmakers hand out meaningful punishments? No mercy for these sub human twisted psychos.

  16. Lock this POS up, let him starve to death in his own waste!!!

  17. Pure evil. Let him die the same way.

  18. I do hope this PoS gets his come-uppance in an appropriate way. An oubliette would work.

    I also hope that all the animal welfare organisations in this state work together to put pressure on the authorities to treat behaviour like this as a heinous crime it is – with the severest penalties meted out.

  19. Cornelia W says:

    Please do the right Thing and convict this man with the tougher sentence and take away his right to own any animals ever again. It’s sickening what he did.

  20. Instigation of the death penalty and nothing less must be implemented on to this vile,mentally deranged scumbag.A slow and agonising death uis essential.I am ready,willing and able to help perform this procedure!!

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