Dog Who Reportedly Starved and Died in Her Own Waste Deserves Justice

Target: Craven County, NC District Attorney Scott Thomas

Goal: Give man strictest legal sentence for allegedly allowing dog to die in waste infested crate without food or water.

A dog named Sugar allegedly died while starving in her crate. Jon Civils was arrested shortly afterwards. He must spend time behind bars and no longer be allowed to have pets if he is found guilty of this cruelty to better ensure other animals will not have to endure the same fate.

According to reports, Civils was responsible for Sugar’s wellbeing from February 9 to March 14. During that time period, he allegedly kept Sugar locked inside a crate and did not provide her access to food or water.

He is currently being held on a $75,000 bond and may not have animals in his care before his court date. Sign this petition to demand Civils spend the maximum amount of time behind bars and to further insist he no longer be legally allowed to be around animals if he is found guilty of such inexcusable abuse.


Dear District Attorney Thomas,

Jon Civils was charged with animal cruelty after his dog Sugar was allegedly found emaciated and lying dead in her crate without food or water. It is important that he is given the harshest sentence possible if it is discovered he neglected this animal so that other dogs will be less likely to suffer.

Reports indicate that Sugar was under Civil’s care for a little over a month. The dog allegedly lived inside a closed crate without food or water while Civils had her in his possession.

His bond is set at $75,000, and he could spend 39 months in prison if he is found guilty of the charges. Due to the severity of the accusations, I demand you suggest Civils no longer be allowed to have pets and that you also advise he receive the toughest sentence allowed by law if it is found he neglected and abused this innocent dog.


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  1. Paula Rock says:

    I’d like to put the pos scumbag that did this to this animal, in a cage and leave him there to live in his own waste with no food. No slap on the wrist for him!! Give him the maximum penalty!!!!!

    • Shirley Lewis says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE!!! What he did to that Poor dog should be done EXACTLY to him!!!! NO MORE ANIMALS for him!!!! He should have the MAXIMUM PENALTY!!!

    • Irene+Ellis says:

      This evil scumbag needs to be locked up & the key thrown away – with no food or water until he wastes away like that poor little dog did. May he burn in hell!

  2. Disgusting useless piece of shit!!! How can someone just sit and watch a dog die?!? This is so disturbing and unsettling!!! This sicko should be in jail, never allowed to be around children or animals and pay a huge fine, smear him, make him do community work but most of all he should rot in jail!!! SICKO!!
    Poor Sugar, poor Sugar!! So so sad!!!

  3. Dolores Proubasta says:

    Both the fine and the max prison term are inadequate to the magnitude of the crime. The suffering and prolonged agony caused are the same regardless of the nature of the victim. If Sugar had been a human child, what would the sentence be? That’s what Jon Civils deserves.

  4. Lock him up and let him eat his own feces….hope he gets stiffest charge for making a defenseless animal suffer.

  5. belongs in a mental hspital

    • Why should tax dollars give him a fair life for what he did. I am sick of mental illness being an excuse for all the rotten people in the world.

      • I agree!!! He can’t be rehabbed and our tax dollars should not be wasted on evil trash! He should be put in a cage and left to slowly die!! An eye for an eye and wipe him off the planet! These psychos need to all die!

    • Absolutely not. I know people with some sort of mental illness and would NEVER do this shit.

  6. They should do right back to the crap human!! If the justice system actually stood up and made all of these acts of cruelty see the perp face SERIOUS JUSTICE….then this would stop! Something is terribly wrong with this world!!

    • I agree! They know they can get away with these disgusting acts of torture and death, so they keep doing it!! If we enforced an eye for an eye and the death penalty, then this will eventually stop this evil from happening!! We also don’t want these scumbags breeding! WIPE them ALL OUT!!

  7. Rosemary Ferguson says:

    Let’s get justice for this poor baby and send that evil heartless bastard to jail and ban him from life from ever owning another animal

  8. The fine & jail time are not enough for the torture & abuse poor Sugar has to endure!!

  9. SADISTIC MONSTER!!! I totally agree Cindy, NOT ENOUGH JAIL TIME OR FINE!!!!!

  10. Susan Kulikowski says:

    Agree with all the comments above. How can someone watch a dog for a month slowly dying without food, water and being confined in a crate? This cretin deserves the same for what he did to poor Sugar. Don’t know if he got Sugar from an animal rescue, but if he did, they should be aware and make sure they screen better so this doesn’t happen again. No animal deserves this horrific treatment.

  11. Tammy+Rossetti says:

    People are actually becoming more hideous by the hour…why? What are we doing that allows this kind of horror to continue? These are the things that need to be addressed. What used to happen to someone as disgusting and stupid as this? This society is encouraging sick, useless wastes of skin to continue to breathe. I’m sure they were properly dealt with before. Doesn’t ANYONE have any balls anymore? I could EASILY beat this dink to death personally and without remorse

  12. Wendi Hancock says:

    What is wrong with you that you can leave a dog in a crate and watch it die!
    You need to go to jail!! Piece of shit for a human being.

  13. Cathy+McCormick says:

    Lock this POS in a tiny cell with no light, food, or water. Let him suffer just like torment that he put this innocent dog through!

  14. Lock this piece of shit who doesn’t deserve to walk this earth, in a crate with no food or water and leave him to die a slow painful death in his own waste! I’m with Tammy and I would offer to help her. The people in charge of the penal system need to have more balls and step up to the plate and give animal abusers an automatic “eye for an eye” death sentence

  15. Comparto totalmente Cathy!!!

  16. This cruel, evil POS needs to suffer the same abuse/death in the same crate. A menace to animal and humans – must NEVER BE AROUND EITHER EVER AGAIN…IMO

  17. This mother fucker needs to die!!! Put this SOB in a crate and starve this POS.

  18. Please put SCUMBAG POS Jon Civils Behind bars for at least 20 years. This scumbag should never be around another animal ever again! I hope he gets sodomized and beaten in prison every day for the rest of his life.

  19. What a sick heartless freak. He needs to rot in prison. No mercy.

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