Dogs Reportedly Found Dead in Freezer in Filthy House Deserve Justice

Target: Utah County, Utah Attorney David O. Leavitt

Goal: Punish woman for allegedly allowing dogs to live in filth and do not allow her to own pets.

A woman allegedly stuffed fifteen dogs in bags and threw them inside her freezer. Another dog was found dead near their kennel, possibly as a result of neglect. Fourteen others were further removed from the home after they were reportedly discovered to be living in their own urine and feces. The woman allegedly responsible for this neglect needs to spend time in prison and be banned from having animals if she is found guilty of these crimes, so that other dogs will be less likely to endure the same fate.

Authorities stated that the dogs were aggressive and said two of the animals bit them. Sadly, they will not be able to be adopted out unless or until they can be trained to develop friendly manners toward humans. Past reports indicate that police searched the woman’s home in 2018 when 14 other dogs were thought to be living in similar conditions. Surprisingly, only 10 of the animals were taken from the household. Sign this petition to demand none of the dogs rescued from the current situation be returned to her and to also insist she receive a strict legal sentence if it is found she committed this inexcusable animal cruelty.


Dear County Attorney Leavitt,

Fourteen dogs were reportedly living in their own waste inside a woman’s messy home. She allegedly also stored fifteen dead dogs in plastic bags inside her freezer. Another dog was said to be deceased inside the home. She must be arrested and no longer be legally allowed to have pets if it is found these allegations are true to better ensure other animals will not be harmed.

According to authorities, the dogs’ behaviors were similar to those of feral animals, likely because they were never taught how to properly interact with people. Unfortunately, the local shelter will not be able to put the dogs up for adoption unless they learn how to act more amicably toward humans. If this cannot be accomplished, these dogs will likely be euthanized. It is unconscionable that the dogs recently discovered may have suffered under this woman’s care since deputies removed many others from her home in 2018 after investigating a separate animal cruelty incident. Instead of letting her keep four of those dogs, they should have all been taken away if mistreatment was suspected.

For these reasons, I demand you suggest this woman be charged with animal abuse and that she no longer be allowed around animals if it is found any dogs suffered or died while under her care.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Mikapon


  1. Susan Kirks says:

    Prosecute this person to the maximum.

  2. As a Utah native I am appalled that this woman was allowed to have any dogs or animals after already proving she cannot and will not take care of them. The deliberate neglect and abuse is unconscionable and depraved; she needs jail time, a lifetime ban on owning animals, she needs to reimburse the state for every penny spent taking care of the animals she neglected in 2018 and those she has abused now. She’s either very evil or very sick, keep her away from animals and the public.

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