Ban Animal Abuse on TikTok and Report Suspects to Authorities

Target: TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew

Goal: Ban TikTok clips that show animal cruelty and report potential abusers to authorities.

Disturbing videos of what appear to be owners abusing their pets have been popping up on TikTok. It is important that they are permanently banned, and that such behavior is immediately reported to authorities so that the actions of potential animal abusers can be investigated.

One video reportedly shows a woman slapping her cat in the face while the animal displays clear signs of distress. Another video appears to show a famous sports player named Kurt Zouma harshly kicking his cat. A separate clip appears to show an animal clearly crying in pain with entire pieces of cheese stuck to their paws. Other owners have been accused of wearing cat masks to try and scare their pets, which could result in the animal having a heart attack. Some owners are also allegedly using tape to confuse their animals into thinking they are going to run into a barrier, resulting in pets losing their balance and uncontrollably flying across the room.

Although TikTok has been made aware of the issue, it was reported that they only took down a couple of these allegedly cruel clips. Sign this petition to demand the company permanently ban all such videos and to further insist any such aberrant behavior be promptly reported to the appropriate authorities.


Dear CEO Shou Zi Chew,

Many videos that appear to show owners acting abusively toward their animals have been viewed on your platform. All such videos need to be taken down, and any clips where animal cruelty is suspected need to be reported to police so that no pets will have to deal with inexcusable acts of cruelty.

Viewers reported watching a woman violently slap her cat in one clip and another well-known soccer player seemingly fiercely kicking his cat in another video. Some people are allegedly putting on cat masks to frighten their pets. Other owners have been accused of creating fake barricades with tape, causing the animals to try and instinctively avoid them by using clumsy and unpredictable body movements. Experts claim that tactics used to purposely scare animals can lead to them having psychological trauma and sometimes even be a cause of death.

While it is good news that you have taken down a couple of clips that show this alleged abuse, all such videos should be removed from TikTok. For these reasons, I demand you take down all videos that appear to show violent behavior toward pets and that you also quickly report any alleged animal abuse to authorities to hopefully keep these innocent creatures from experiencing more unfounded cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jineshpanchal


  1. Horrible and illegal. God is watching and the US should be, too. Strong charges for animal and child abuse.

  2. I see that the CEO of TiKToK is Asian.They have a horrible record of animal abuse in their countries.They have to rethink their position on crimes against the non-humans. A pox on them.

  3. Avatar photo Torah Wolf says:

    Why would tick tock or any platform like that allow any type of dark web abuse for animals or even people in the first place? doesn’t that make you wonder about them? oh yeah,… was it on the news tiktok is owned by China oh yeah I wonder why they allow that kind of stuff they believe in torture… I kind of do too actually but they’re a lot more evil

  4. Avatar photo Torah Wolf says:

    No communication platform like this should ever ever allow any type of dark web torturing of animals humans fake rescue videos all of those should be banned completely and if these companies these platforms like tik Tok put up these videos they should not only be fined thousands of dollars but shut down if they continue to do so we don’t need tic toc it’s run by China just so they can spy on us anyway and if you don’t believe me look it up .. or check it out on Google

  5. Take any abusive videos down. They are just food for the evil in the world. Man Is the cruelest species on Earth – abusing and killing for no reason except to be glorified by other disgusting people.

  6. Åke Danielsson says:

    The Chinese “people” are devils!!!

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