Dog Allegedly Abandoned and Left Outside to Starve Deserves Justice

Target: Douglas County, Nebraska Attorney Donald W. Kleine

Goal: Give man prison sentence if it is proved he abandoned and starved his dog.

A dog named Tank was allegedly abandoned and starved for weeks before finally succumbing to death. Maurice Martin was arrested shortly afterwards on animal cruelty charges. He needs to spend time in prison if it is found he mistreated this innocent dog so other animals will be less likely to endure the same fate.

According to reports, Martin called the local humane society and said that there was a deceased dog in front of his home. The dog was allegedly emaciated and had many sores on his legs and hips. It was also reported that feces had been discovered inside Tank’s mouth. Parts of his body allegedly showed discoloration, including the paws and lips. A necropsy revealed that the fat and muscle had not been properly stored in Tanks’ body and that he also had pressure sores and frostbite.

Authorities claimed they eventually discovered that Tank belonged to Martin. Sign this petition to demand Tank receive justice if it is found he was neglected or abused by his owner.


Dear County Attorney Kleine,

Maurice Martin was arrested for animal cruelty after officers said he starved and neglected his dog Tank for weeks. He needs to receive a tough legal sentence if it is found this is the case to make it less likely other animals will suffer under his care.

Martin allegedly called the Nebraska Humane Society to report that there was a deceased dog lying outside of his residence. The dog was said to be extremely malnourished with wounds present throughout his body. Authorities claimed that most of Tank’s body was discolored, likely as a result of not being fed in weeks. It was additionally claimed that feces were found inside Tank’s mouth. Frostbite and pressure sores on his body were also identified by experts during a necropsy procedure. Although the necropsy showed that the dog died because of starvation, he was also thought to have been suffering from gastric ulceration and anemia due to the ulcers.

For these reasons, I demand you suggest Maurice receive a strict legal sentence for his actions if it is determined he abandoned or harmed his dog Tank in any way.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Loraine Pretorius says:

    This man needs to go to prison and must be punished severely. The problem is that the laws are not strict enough. Animal cruelty should be banned and anyone found guilty must go to prison for life and do hard labour.

  2. Totally unacceptable,
    Justice needs to be done, and punishment to the nasty

  3. Myrna Burdick says:

    How in hells name could anyone, except a sociopath, do such a thing to a loving, sentient being?????

    Mr Kleine, if you are the prosecuting body in your county don’t
    just think, say, “oh it was only a dog”. The dog was a living
    being, dependent upon another, as a child is for food and shelter.
    Yes, I equate this poor dog with a child. Both are dependent for
    care. Please make this the case of importance that it should be and fight this case with all you’ve got.

  4. Jaime+Perez says:

    Throw this monster in jail for the rest of his worthless life. There is no excuse for this heinous treatment of an innocent animal. This poor dog died because of the neglect of a soulless devil.

  5. This vile cretin dog severe abuser/killer must be put to death! A slow and agonising extermination is essential.I am ready,willing and able to help perform this procedure!!

  6. All animal abusers should hang. End of.

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