Support Ukraine’s Efforts to Defend Itself From Russian Invasion

Target: United States President Joe Biden

Goal: Immediately send Ukraine needed weapons and supplies to stop Russian invasion.

The United States recently provided Ukraine with $350 million in weapons to help them fight off the Russians after President Vladimir Putin launched an unwarranted attack against them. However, Ukraine will continue to need supplies and weapons quickly. It is important that sending supplies to Ukraine is not held up by government red tape to make it less likely Russia will be able to invade other unsuspecting countries.

President Putin has already threatened to invade Finland and Sweden if they decide to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a security alliance that was put in place to protect member countries. If Ukraine is unable to stop the recent assault, Russia may launch more unprovoked attacks against innocent people in nearby nations. Many lawmakers have expressed concern that too much time is being spent on examining whether certain weapons and intelligence can legally be provided to Ukraine, giving Russia a huge advantage. It is important that the sending of such supplies is not delayed so that the Russians can be stopped from killing more European citizens. Sign this petition to demand the United States not wait to supply Ukraine with whatever weapons and supplies they need in an effort to prevent a third world war.


Dear President Biden,

While the Ukraine military has been sent many different types of weapons to help them win their fight against Russia’s latest invasion, time has been wasted on looking at the legalities of whether or not certain weapons should be shipped to their country. It is important that we quickly provide Ukraine with the supplies they need so that the current conflict will be less likely to escalate.

Because President Putin has threatened to send his army to other countries if they join NATO, his mindset should not be underestimated. If Ukraine is not able to defeat Russian forces in their home country, more onslaught of European nations may soon become a harsh reality.

Although the United States has sent many needed weapons to Ukraine in the last few weeks, bureaucratic ties have held up the shipment of other requested items, such as Stinger antiaircraft missiles. While it is true that in most cases it is important to review everything under the law before sending weapons to other countries, swiftly providing Ukraine with tactile support is crucial if more unprovoked incursions are to be avoided. For these reasons, I ask that you promptly approve and send whatever weapons and supplies the Ukrainian government requests so that Ukraine may defend itself.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: 7th Army Training Command


  1. Katherine Gonzalez says:

    I hope they burn in hell. I hope they go to prison for a loooong time first and see how they like abuse.

  2. Maria Bertrand says:

    I believe if anyone of us found ourselves in Ukraine’s situation, we would want the rest of the democratic world to help so that Russia pulls out of OUR HOMELAND.

    So, how much more does Ukraine have to withstand?

    I also believe that Putin is bluffing. NATIO SHOUD ALL GANG UP!!!!! BLOW HIM TO OBLIVION mindful to not hurt anyone else in his realm including all his dogs, horses etc if he should still have them.

  3. Charlene Andrzecicik says:

    The American people should take a lesson from Ukraine. These people are fighting with everything they have. They love their country. Do you think the same would happen here?? Hell no!!! A lot of people here in the states only want what the government will hand out to them for free and not bother to work for what they want. It’s easier to take that handout or shoplift from a business taking whatever they can steal.I am a proud American and 70 years old, but I’d fight for my country while the deadbeats sit on their asses.

  4. Give Ukraine EVERYTHING they need !! That includes the transfer of Planes Poland is giving Ukraine! CIVILIANS are being murdered everyday, women and children raped! The children’s hospital was just bombed, women and children dead! Do more President Biden and Administration.

    • Who witheld needed funds couple of years ago when Zelensky asked for it?

    • Joyce O'Malley says:

      The Ukraine is fighting for their lives and country – NATO and the USA and all the other countries should be helping and supporting the Ukraine military fight Russia and get Russia out of the Ukraine – Putin should be assassinated!!! Putin is Hitler reincarnated!! After he gets the Ukraine he will go after the Nato countries and all of Europe!!

    • Patricia+Lamonica says:


  5. Putin is a demented,mentally deranged old scumbag who most definately must be exterminated.

  6. Nadine+brundage says:

    All nations should support the people of the Ukraine. Putin won’t just stop in the Ukraine, he wants a new Soviet Union and the entire world needs to wake up.

  7. Putin is a baby killer. The same should happen to him

  8. Anthony S Marici says:

    Biden is a total p#$$y and a coward!!

  9. This administration needs to get some balls.

  10. The kreepy eyed little kommie in the Kremlin should’ve had his arse kicked long ago but no one seems to have the balls to do so! And while the world sits around and talks about it instead of getting up and doing something constructive about it, Ukraine is being destroyed, businesses destroyed, livelihoods destroyed, homes destroyed, families destroyed and much pain and suffering for the Ukrainian people! Whilst the Russians carry on with their lives! Unacceptable by NATO and the rest of the so-called concerned world!

  11. Let me remind you CONservative trash on here when you garbage took Putins side over Obamas. TRAITORS WHO NEED TO GO PACK BAGS AND MOVE TO RUSSIA. Taking a KILLERS SIDE. Pathetic.

  12. All meat trade should be stopped.

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