Stop Amazon From Selling Bear Poaching Products

Target: Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon

Goal: Put an end to the selling of bear poaching trap accessories.

A bear advocacy group is asking Amazon to help protect bears by not selling poaching accessories. If the company makes this move it can help save the animals from illegal trapping. Amazon has removed bear traps, steel-jaw traps, and snares from its site but still sells snare attractants and accessories. These are especially harmful because the dangerous products can last for decades.

Amazon has been the largest supplier of traps that have been used to poach bears for the last ten years. According to the founder of the advocacy group Help Asheville Bears, an Amazon representative said they were looking into the matter last year, but trap accessories are still being sold.

Sign below and demand that Amazon stop selling products used to trap bears and donate money to rehabs where the bears that have been affected now live.


Dear CEO Jassy,

Alongside the Help Asheville Bears advocacy group, we demand you put a stop to the selling of bear trap accessories. Amazon has been the leading seller of such harmful products for the last decade. Your bear traps and accessories have caused many injuries to countless animals. Although Amazon has taken down bear traps, steel-jaw traps, and snares, the remaining products being sold are just as harmful and maybe even more. They can have a lasting impact for nearly a decade.

You can help save countless populations of black bears from illegal trapping. We demand Amazon take the next step and remove all bear poaching accessories from your site.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: ucumari photography


  1. Vergie Jurica says:

    Animal cruelty is rampant in this country and anyone who supports it should be PUNISHED severely or it will never stop! I so tired of evil cruel people who care about nothing but money. What goes around comes around! You reap what you sow🤬

    • I echo your words. I’m also tired of the greedy money hungry scum bags who prioritise this over the precious animal kingdom.

  2. A business is responsible for the action it takes. If Amazon decided to stop selling traps, for wish I am grateful, but still sell accessories then, to me, they lie and still sell traps. Why? It’s as if someone said they don’t sell guns but they continue to sell bullets. That’s the same thing. Amazon is being two faced and they lie to the public so not to stop business processing. Yet this is a cheap shot at the very customers you need. Try being honest for a change. But wait … that might mean you might not have the number of customers you need to build an empire as yo have done. . Business people will sell their very soul for a couple of pennies.

  3. Linda Cummings says:

    How low can you go amazon?

  4. I had no idea that Amazon was selling this stuff and that upsets me greatly because I am a big amazon shopper and if they continue to sell stuff like this I will take my business elsewhere and that would be losing thousands upon thousands of dollars that’s how much I have spent on Amazon.

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