Stop Using Animals as Props on The Witcher Television Series

Target: Andrzej Sapkowski, creator of The Witcher television show

Goal: Put an end to the use of multiple wildlife and domesticated animals as props for your show.

In the new season of The Witcher, many wild and domesticated animals are used as props. These living being are not objects to be used for human entertainment, and under these conditions they can suffer from loneliness and depression. Often, animals used for television are separated from their mothers at a young age and denied the exercise and freedom they need and deserve.

Many vulnerable species are used in the TV and movie industry. The list includes lemurs, squirrel monkeys, cats, dogs, horses, owls, sheep, goats, chickens, mice, rats, birds, ducks, and camels. Owls are often denied the freedom to fly when used on sets and the outside temperature can drop to the 40s at nighttime, potentially endangering the health of many of these species.

PETA uses the argument that since the show already uses computer-generated imagery, they can do the same for the animals. Instead of having real life animals they can simply generate the images of them to look just as realistic without any potential cruelty taking place. The Witcher does not contain a disclaimer at the beginning or end of the episodes that no animals were harmed during the process.

Sign below and demand a stop be put to the use of animals as props on this show.


Dear Andrzej Sapkowski,

Please put an end to the use of multiple animals as props on The Witcher. Animals are not meant to be used on television sets. The long hours and weather conditions result in potential cruelty towards them. They are subjected to long hours, cold weather, and deprived of their needs.

Animals deserve freedom. We demand that you switch to using computer-generated imagery to create the animals starring in your show. This would eliminate the cruel actions being done to them. At the very least provide a disclaimer that no animals were harmed to reassure the public.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Mathias Appel

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  1. I am opposed to using animals for entertainment. This is a case n point. Again it comes down to no laws representing animals, to protect animals especially in a case like this. Without clearly worded laws for animal protection humans will continue to exploit animals for profit.

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