Stop Endangering Wild Horses in Government-Backed Roundup

Target: Tracy Stone-Manning, Director of the Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Stop the wild horse roundup that causes severe injury and death.

The Bureau of Land Management started their final stage of their biggest wild horse roundup. Since October of 2021, they have removed over 3,000 wild horses from Wyoming. These roundups are facilitated due to “overpopulation” of wild horses. During the first day of the final stage of roundups, four horses died. Three of the four had pre-existing conditions including a broken leg that factored into their deaths and the other broke its back.

The Bureau of Land Management plans on removing over 1,000 more horses and permanently getting rid of nearly 900 of them. The remaining hundred will be given contraceptives to reduce the population and likelihood of herds growing. The wild horses are forced together into tight spaces, and they soon realize there is no way for them to escape. This, of course, causes tremendous amount of panic and fear within the horses. Once captured, they are put inside of holding facilities. Although the Bureau of Land Management states that they must do this because of population issues the reality of what occurs is much grimmer and heartbreaking.

Sign below and demand that these roundups end immediately.


Dear Director Stone-Manning,

Wild horses are not causing any disruptions within their homelands. Their overpopulation does not cause any either, therefore the need to do these roundups seems cruel and unnecessary. Please stop rounding up wild horses as it results in the harm and deaths of too many of them.  This years wild horse roundup is the most deadly of them all.

There needs to be a change in what is happening to these horses. They are meant to live and reside in the wild, not to be taken and kept in warehouses. Listen to the public’s demand to save the wild horses. Do not harm or capture any more of them.


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Photo Credit:  Steppinstars


  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    STOP rounding up OUR wild horses and burros from OUR PUBLIC LANDS. It is not those animals which “damage” our lands, it is the millions of CATTLE AND SHEEP grazing on them. These horses and burros are often sold at auction to KILL BUYERS, who ship them to slaughter in Canada or Mexico.

  2. Enough is enough and I think that we should shut the BLM down and they should go to jail honestly for all the horrible things that they did to these poor horses and I would be the first one to sign the petition to make sure every single person that works at the BLM is punished severely for their crimes against these animals is against God’s wishes that you hurt his creations!

    God calls upon us to be stewards for his creations not to torture them not to destroy them and those who do when they die they’re going to find an angry God on the other side I believe

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