Stop Illegal Puppy Trafficking That Claims Countless Lives

Target: Naomi Long, Northern Ireland Justice Minister

Goal: Put end to breeding and trafficking of abused, sick puppies.

Illegal puppy breeding and trafficking is skyrocketing in the United Kingdom (UK). According to a recent investigation by activists, most of the activity is coming from Northern Ireland. In fact, the undercover investigation found at least 30 illegal puppy farms operating in the region.

Organized gangs are profiting handsomely from puppy farms, doing so at the expense of the health and well-being of these innocent young animals. Dogs at illegal farms live in cages and in conditions of extreme squalor. They are malnourished and health issues go untreated and fester. A sizeable percentage of the puppies die shortly after they reach their new homes across the UK.

Legal loopholes and a lack of criminal accountability are enabling this cruelty to flourish unchecked. Sign the petition below to demand investigations and enhanced protections that will deliver justice to the country’s most vulnerable living beings.


Dear Ms. Long,

Puppy Dog Fortunes, a report from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, has catalogued in painstaking detail the misfortunes and tragedies experienced by Northern Ireland’s puppies. Every day, these animals are bred, mistreated, and trafficked in ill health across the United Kingdom. While the animals suffer, criminal enterprises have found a new and lucrative source for their blood money.

These crimes are possible because of a lack of legal safeguards (like Lucy’s Law) against animal cruelty. They also continue unabated due to the absence of any extensive criminal investigations. The Ministry of the Environment has even requested such an investigation.

Please right these wrongs. Advocate for Lucy’s Law to become the law of the land and order a criminal probe that will help rescue innocent young animals from a bleak fate.


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Photo Credit: Steshka Willems


  1. Barbara Garrison says:

    It doesn’t matter whether the puppies are healthy or sick- this business of selling abused and neglected animals to pet stores is morally and ethically wrong. Puppy mills exist because people keep them in business. I blame all of the idiots who insist on purchasing puppies, while thousands sit in shelters waiting to be adopted. People, get over yourself, at least try to do what’s right.

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