Save Giant Sequoias From Fiery Destruction

Target: Deb Haaland, U.S. Secretary of the Interior

Goal: Invest in enhanced protections for giant sequoia groves endangered by rampant wildfires.

The KNP Complex fire ravaged parts of California. Experts feared the 88,000-acre scorcher would deal a death blow to the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and other areas the storied redwood giants call home. For the moment, these iconic trees appear mostly spared. Thousands of giant sequoias have met a worse fate in recent years, however. In the absence of committed action, the next fiery bullet may be lethal for so many more. The nearby Windy Fire is already setting ablaze groves in the nearby Sequoia National Forest: an ominous harbinger.

Conservationist and emergency personnel have tried many techniques to blunt the worst effects, from dousing water on the drought-afflicted trees to fire-resistant aluminum wraps and flame retardant gels. Unfortunately, only select trees get this special treatment and the approaches are sometimes counter-productive. Experts believe that prescribed, planned fires capable of reducing fire-feeding vegetation and brush would be among the most effective preventive measures. This method was once commonly used by native American tribes to great effect. Bureaucratic red tape and the lack of a comprehensive federal program for these efforts has hindered this necessary tool, though.

Sign the petition below to urge a robust federal investment in saving these natural wonders that have been guarding the planet for thousands of years.


Dear Secretary Haaland,

The oldest giant sequoias have reigned on earth for over three millennia. They have withstood all manner of natural adversity, but too many cannot withstand the brute force of humanity. The Sierra Nevada range is home to over half of these amazing trees. Tragically, increasingly fierce fires fueled by climate change are reducing their numbers more every day.

These lands may have dodged a bullet with the KNP Complex fire, but a worse disaster will surely come. One fire alone last year wiped away upwards of 15 percent of giant sequoias in a prominent grove. Please invest greater resources in the time-tested preventive strategies that can protect these towering monuments. Make prescribed burns a centerpiece of conservation efforts for all groves. All giant sequoias deserve our diligence, not just the ones named after presidents and generals.

Help ensure these majestic storybooks of nature can be enjoyed for generations to come.


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  1. Janice Duplex says:

    Please save!!,

  2. Rose Coffey says:

    They are irreplaceable. They need to be saved.

  3. Maria Bertrand says:

    Why is there Bureaucratic red tape in this endeavour to save these trees or any forest???? This needs to be addressed as part of Global warming.

    Speak to Jane Goodall and she will tell you the IMPORTANCE OF EACH AND EVERY TREE. SO IMAGINE A SEQUOIA FOREST(S)!

  4. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    These magnificent trees are IRREPLACEABLE and MUST BE SAVED. Please ACT NOW.

  5. I agree with all replies as these trees are so old and magnificent they must be saved from a fiery end. I know climate and nature are in sync thus there will be more fires yet to come. Politicians feel there is no problem with the climate, companies make commercials saying how fossil fuels are’t to blame. I think few are listening. We need to do so much more and do it with the rest of the world but that might take a miracle. There is even a Senator who won’t vote for the Build Back Better plan as it addresses climate change and he won’t vote for that. Until, and if, we can work with nature we will stay in peril.

  6. Please do whatever is in you power to save these majestic trees…Once gone, gone forever.
    We cannot allow this to happen!

  7. D. Farrimond says:

    Please Save Them – They Were Under YOUR Ancestor’s Protection In The Past – If You Break The Cycle – WHO Will Protect Them Then?

  8. Julia Edinger says:

    Please save the tree’s our “earth needs them” all to survive !!!!!

  9. Deb Haaland, U.S. Secretary of the Interior

    Invest in enhanced protections for giant sequoia groves endangered by rampant wildfires.

  10. American Girl says:

    I’d love to help humanity it’s just the humans I can’t stand! (JL)
    Man won’t be happy till they destroy everything around them. Greedy selfish bastards!

  11. U must save these gorgeous living trees Please, Trees give us oxygen, they are important to the environment, Save these Sequoia trees!!

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