Investigate $109 Million in Public Funds Siphoned to Fossil Fuel Industry by Utah

Target: Spencer Cox, Utah governor

Goal: Stop harmful fossil fuel projects and help Utah communities receive their deserved funding

Environmental groups in Utah disclosed a public report that alleges that $109 million in public money was used to fund illicit fossil fuel projects in the state, instead of helping local communities. This report claims Utah’s Permanent Community Impact Fund Board allocated this money for fossil fuel extraction. If true, then Utah would be in violation of the law and also guilty of a massive breach of the public’s trust.

Multiple environmental groups, including Center for Biological Diversity, compiled the report called “Utah Oil Slick: Funding Polluters Instead of Rural Communities” that seemingly displayed the improper grants and loans going to fossil fuel extraction, and graphic details of meetings. They handed these reports to the governor and House and Senate offices and were met with no solid response. The reports apparently show the 109 million going to road construction, attorney fees, and engineering studies to support fossil fuel extraction instead of the community improvement projects it was intended for. Utah government officials are seemingly so concerned with these fossil fuel extraction projects that they are tampering with federal laws that limit and prohibit them.

The incentive seems to only be about further creating funds and revenue through private sectors and oil companies, and not the safety of the environment or public. In the report, there are lists of the projects that apparently show 40,000 barrels of oil extraction each day, 400 destroyed streams due to a new railway, and 10,000 acres of nature dismantled. Underfunded rural communities and cities alike will be negatively impacted by these projects if they go through.

Sign below and demand that the governor issue a ban on public funding for fossil fuels to protect the environment and the people.


Dear Gov. Spencer Cox,

It has come to national attention, thanks to local environmental groups, that supposedly unwarranted public funds will be helping fossil fuel extractions instead of communities. These fossil fuel extraction projects will not only devastate the local communities it is your duty to help, but also the beautiful, vast nature of Utah. This report even claims funding will go to attorney fees to assist maneuvering around federal mineral leasing laws. We demand you listen to your citizens, federal regulations, and the environment before you go further with these projects.

Instead of devastating wildlife and rivers, ensure these funds go back to the communities they were meant to go to. Making more profit off exploitation for private companies and sectors is not going to assist with the current, ongoing climate crisis we are in globally. These kinds of misconduct cannot go unnoticed for long, especially in our current age. Directly address these claims and cease these projects before it is too late.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Ken Lund

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  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    PUBLIC MONEY should NEVER be used to find private industry.

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