Stop Animals From Being Killed, Tortured, and Eaten Alive on YouTube

Target: Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube

Goal: End the torture, abuse, and killing of animals for human entertainment.

YouTube is profiting from animal cruelty. Videos of the abuse and torture of animals are on the rise in popularity, with dramatic consequences for the victims. An investigation of an online platform called “Lady Freethinker” published the shocking details of the promotion and encouragement of animal suffering.

Many of these disturbing videos violate YouTube’s own community standards, as well as U.S. and U.K. laws such as the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act. Nevertheless, the company condones videos of sentient beings suffering for human pleasure, including captivated and chained up monkeys and animals that succumb to injuries after being run over by vehicles. Additionally, the platform presents videos of dog- and cockfighting, animals that are eaten alive such as octopuses, staged videos where animals are put in life-threatening situations to be “rescued” live on camera, and numerous hunting videos that show illegal actions.

With over 1 billion views, these horrific videos might be worth $15 million for the people who post them and up to $12 million in advertising revenue for YouTube, based on an average cost per 1,000 views taken from a Business Insider survey. In the United States more than half of children between the ages of 8 to 12 watch online videos every day, mostly on YouTube. Animal cruelty videos convey a wrong message to kids and could have a traumatic effect on some.

The multibillion-dollar company YouTube has the responsibility to review and regulate the content on its platform. It has to step up to protect animals, children, and our society.

Sign this petition to urge YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki to implement a no-tolerance policy toward all animal cruelty, use a mechanism to discover videos with abusive content, and willingly remove any video in violation of this policy.


Dear Miss Wojcicki,

Animal cruelty is on the rise on your website. Videos promoting cruelty towards animals violate your company’s community standards, as well as U.S. and U.K. laws such as the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act. Nevertheless, videos of cockfights, animals that are eaten alive, and dying animals are found on your platform. As the CEO of YouTube, you are directly profiting from the abuse of these thousands of animals. Additionally, countless children watch these videos that can have devastating effects on their mental health.

You must implement a no-tolerance policy toward all animal cruelty. This should entail employing a mechanism for quickly and accurately discovering videos featuring animal abuse, and promptly removing all videos in violation of such a policy. Govern the videos on your platform and protect animals from abuse now.


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  1. This is so disturbing. That this kind of “content” on YouTube is considered “entertainment” to some web companies like YouTube. There needs to be some laws and strict consequences.
    It’s so disturbing that people consider this acceptable.

  2. Gloria Navan says:

    YouTube is totally unconcerned about moral standards … they need to monitor
    themselves and be responsible.

  3. D.Farrimond says:

    Animal Welfare groups should supply these leads to the relevant authorities and get these POS charged

  4. Manuela Lopez says:

    This is going on and on. Stop YouTub to break your own standards when it suits you. Making money for torture and killing animals is BLOOD money. You all know you can not take it with you when you go to hell.
    Us your power to do good not to harm the innocent down on their luck because they came in contact with humans. Humanity SUCKS

  5. CEO Susan Wojcicki should be prosecuted for willingly allowing this horrifying abuse to continue! It is all about money! People report these videos of abuse, the FAKE animal rescue sites and the CEO IGNORES THE COMPLAINTS!! BIG TECH CRIMINALS 😡

  6. Alice Knight says:

    How can you allow this? This is a horrible and unjust form of entertainment. Please if you have any decency you have the power to change this atrocious way of marketing. If you believe this type of visual horror is acceptable, you are responsible for every act of violence, atrocity and torture performed on each animal. You-tube needs to take responsibility and remove any kind of human and animal injustice. You have the power to put in on , you have the power to take it off. Censorship has lost its meaning. Heaven forbid should your freedom of speech be taken away.
    Some things need to be censored.

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