Success: Youngest Americans Protected From Poverty and Homelessness

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Applaud economic relief aimed at reducing rates of child poverty and homelessness.

Poverty has hit many families hard since 2020, but children disproportionately suffer the most. Kids living in extreme low-income households too often have lesser access to basic necessities like food, healthcare, and shelter. This ForceChange petition brought attention to the plight of poverty and implored leaders to help the millions of people living in its grip. The American Rescue Plan passed by Congress and signed into law by President Biden takes direct aim at this ongoing crisis, especially as it relates to youth.

Boosts to the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP), the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, unemployment, and mortgage benefits will help ensure children have access to necessities like food and home essentials.  Amendments to child tax credits could prove even more significant. While most families with children receive a tax credit, the amount received can vary significantly by the child’s age and the parent or parents’ income level. Disproportionately, lower income earners have historically received as much as three times less in credits than higher income earners, if they received any credit at all.

As part of the American Rescue Plan, these struggling households will now not only benefit from $1,400 individual stimulus checks but also as much as $3,600 in tax credits per child. This new credit increases the maximum amount a child can receive by $1,600 while also significantly expanding the number of low-income families eligible for the benefit. More significant still, the payments can be received in monthly or semi-monthly installments rather than in one lump sum. The added change gives the most hard-hit families a direct source of money and sustenance.

Currently, an estimated 25 million children (a surplus of whom live in low-income households) do not qualify for the tax credits.  Sign the petition below to support a potential game-changer that could be a significant step toward lifting these kids out of poverty.


Dear President Biden,

Thank you for signing the American Rescue Plan into law. In particular, the expanded and revitalized child tax credits, unemployment, SNAP, and home energy assistance programs could truly change the lives of millions of children living in poverty, according to analysts. These young people, whom have arguably had their lives and their development upended more than other segment of the population, need this nation’s help and caring most of all. They are the future.

You have expressed interest in making some of these measures permanent. Please continue to advocate for America’s future.


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Photo Credit: Anthony Kelly

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  1. Paula Morgan says:

    Thank you President Biden for stepping up and giving assistance to all the families who were wiped out by Covid. The extremely wealthy did very well during Covid. I would suggest a modest tax increase on these people to offset the contributions you have made to save working American families. You are the right man for the job at hand and you calm just in the nick of time!! Thank you.

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