Protect Americans from Poverty & Homelessness During Coronavirus Pandemic

Target: Senator Mitch McConnell, US Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Push for additional coronavirus relief for US citizens.

Americans have been robbed of much-needed financial relief during an unprecedented global pandemic. Another coronavirus relief bill that was being considered by the US Senate has been rejected. The bill in question proposed $500 billion dollars in relief funding and would have allowed small businesses to apply for further loans. The bill would have also provided an additional $300/week for people who are receiving unemployment benefits. Additionally, it included billions of dollars in funding for reopening schools and supporting the US Postal Service.

Not a single Democratic senator voted in favor of the bill, saying that it did not go far enough to help Americans. The bill was much smaller than the initial coronavirus relief provided six months ago under the trillion-dollar CARES Act. The Republicans have said that a similar level of financial support, including stimulus checks like the $1,200/individual previously received by Americans at the start of the pandemic, was a “liberal wish list.”

The pandemic is still greatly affecting the United States and not much has changed since the last stimulus package was approved. Unemployment numbers are high and bills still need to be paid every month. Sign this petition to urge Republican senators to match or exceed the CARES Act by providing Americans and US systems, like schools and the Postal Service, with necessary financial support during the coronavirus pandemic.


Dear Senator McConnell,

In May, Americans in need received an unprecedented $1,200 stimulus check from the government to support them during the coronavirus pandemic. This measure was responsive to the situation at hand: a virus that was putting people out of work and crippling the economy. Not much has changed since May. Many small businesses around the country remain closed. Unemployment numbers remain high as Americans struggle to find work and make ends meet. If the situation has not changed, the relief provided by the government should not change either.

I urge you to be as liberal as possible during this pandemic and to support Americans financially by drafting a second relief bill that meets or exceeds the support provided by the CARES Act.


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  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:


  2. More money, more money, more money! Make the government give more money. While, people continue to insult our leaders and continue to trash the country. Realize the government is not at fault for the virus and it didn’t have to give anyone jack shit. Appreciate what you have and thank God for what you’re given.

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