Success: Construction of Trump’s Border Wall Comes to a Screaming Halt

Target: President Joe Biden

Goal: Applaud the executive order to pause construction of Trump’s border wall.

The borderlands between the U.S. and Mexico have endured a great trauma imposed by the construction of Donald Trump’s wall. Remote mountains have been bulldozed, springs depleted and migration routes disrupted by the project. Environmentalists have raised concerns regarding the impact it will have on wildlife through the mere loss of habitat. This ForceChange petition spoke to such concerns and called for action.

President Biden has put a pause on construction of the wall while his administration determines next moves. Activists are taking this moment to pause and shifting their focus to restoration efforts that will undoubtedly be the next phase of protecting this land and healing it from the scars obtained over the last few years. Sign the petition below to applaud Biden for his executive order to stop construction of the wall, and to encourage him to continue opposing this project.


Dear President Biden,

It is undeniable that the wall Trump sought to build on the border created more problems than it would solve.  I want to express to you my support for your decision to stop the construction of the project. What has been done, must now be corrected. The wall is blocking critical wildlife corridors and migration routes. 

The devastation imposed upon the land for the sake of Trump’s wall must now be met with restoration efforts. Thank you for pausing the construction and taking the first important step in a long journey to make amends with the borderlands, permanently terminating contracts, and reallocating resources to habitat recovery.


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