Stop Blowing Up Border Lands for Doomed Construction Projects

Target: David Bernhard, Secretary of U.S. Department of the Interior

Goal: Halt border wall construction that is decimating American lands, plants, and wildlife habitats.

Miles of Arizona wilderness and mountainous terrain are being blown up by order of the federal government. Contractors are fast-tracking this destruction to give the illusion that more border wall will be built through this area by year’s end. Experts say however, the chances of this construction happening are virtually zero.

As a result, this beautiful, once-untainted landscape is in the government’s crosshairs for nothing more than an empty vanity project. Tons of dynamite have reportedly been detonated because the tracts of mountain make any construction project extremely challenging at best and impossible at worst. Slow-growing, centuries-old cacti have been among the most prominent victims of the destruction. Unique ecosystems that include endangered animals like jaguars and black bears are also at great risk due to loss of habitat.

An official at the Center for Biological Diversity characterized the perplexing actions as follows: “essentially, the Trump administration on its way out the door is inflicting irreparable damage on the borderlands, in places where there’s no way they’ll actually be able to build these miles of wall because they’re just too rugged and steep and remote.” Contractors whose pay-outs and deals have not been made public are carrying out this wholesale destruction, with some even reportedly using smuggled Mexicans as security guards. Such disregard for lands has received the seal of approval from an administration that enacted waivers for regulations and scientifically-backed studies meant to protect the border lands from undue harm.

Sign the petition below to demand this pointless destruction cease now.


Dear Secretary Bernhardt,

Attempted border wall construction in Arizona is doing infinitely more harm than good. Countless miles of wilderness and terrain are being bulldozed and blown up in areas inhospitable to construction and regions that are not even seen as high border security risks. The prospects of even completing these projects are smaller by the day.

The destruction, however, will linger. Unused access roads and unfinished construction will take the place of majestic lands, plant life, water supplies, and “sky island” wildlife driven away by habitat loss. Please use your remaining days in office to speak on behalf of these irreplaceable natural treasures that do not have a voice.

Urge the administration to stop its merciless assault on Arizona’s border lands.


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Photo Credit: Mani Albrecht

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