Success: Joe the Pigeon Saved from Death Sentence

Target: Sussan Ley, Minister for the Environment, Australia

Goal: Applaud decision to spare the life of Joe the Pigeon.

A pigeon originally suspected to have ventured from the United States to Australia, once facing a death sentence, has been spared. Lovingly named Joe the Pigeon, the bird was suspected to have been a racing pigeon that found passage to Australia via a cargo ship. However, the Australian government said the bird violated quarantine rules and posed a threat to the nation’s fragile ecosystem. As a result, Joe was sentenced to death by euthanasia.

Public outcry against this move was loud. Petitions, like this one on ForceChange, asked for mercy and sanctuary for the bird. The outrage over Joe’s proposed fate prompted researchers and the government to study the bird’s history. It was concluded that Joe the Pigeon may actually be an Australian bird and not an American one. Because of this, he was given a new chance at life.

Joe may not have had the origin story many of us initially thought; however, regardless of where he came from, one thing is certain: his life has been spared. Sign the petition to thank the government for keeping Joe the Pigeon alive.


Dear Minister Ley,

Joe the Pigeon earned the love and support of Australia and the entire world when he was found in a backyard. Initially believed to have ventured from America, he was sentenced to death due to the risk he posed to Australia’s biodiversity. However, public outcry and your willingness to listen to your citizens helped save Joe’s life.

It turned out Joe could have very well been a victim of “mistaken identity” and paid the ultimate price as a result. Joe is believed to be an Australian bird whose life has now been saved because you listened to your public and did not jump to one deadly conclusion. Joe may not have the origin story we believed, but we can rest assured his future is bright. Thank you for sparing his life.


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Photo Credit: rosendahl

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