Save Joe the Pigeon from Certain Death

Target: David Littleproud, Minister for Agriculture, Australia

Goal: Stop Australia from killing an immigrating racing pigeon.

A racing pigeon, affectionately named Joe, absconded a race in the United States and made his way across the Pacific Ocean only to face capture and death. It is appalling that humankind’s reaction to seeing nature “out of place” is to kill it. We must stop this senseless euthanizing of the world’s incredible animals.

Joe has made the longest recorded journey of a racing pigeon. Yet after traveling 13,000 km, he is considered a biosecurity risk. The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service claim Joe threatens local poultry and wildlife and he is not permitted to be in the country. While quarantine is critical during these unprecedented times, killing anything deemed a threat is an unacceptable control method.

Because Joe attracted media attention, the government feels they must act decisively to set an example. Yet how many other animals slip through the net and end up where people don’t think they should be? Authorities, especially those in environmental capacities, should work in conjunction with nature and not try to control it as they see fit.

Killing this bird is not the answer. Sign this petition to help save Joe the pigeon’s life.


Dear Honourable Littleproud,

Joe the pigeon has attained international fame for his daring journey across the Pacific Ocean. While I understand the importance of quarantine and of managing diseases in these uncertain times, catching and euthanizing an emancipated bird is an irresponsible use of power. As the Minister of Agriculture, it is your job to work in conjunction with the natural world, not try to control it.

Because he attracted significant media attention, Joe is a prime example of how nature has its own agenda with little regard for man-made regulations. What if Joe had lost his tag during his trip? He would have amalgamated with the local population and the world would have been none the wiser. Instead of immediate death, perhaps he can live the rest of his life in a sanctuary. After racing for human entertainment, and undergoing a perilous journey, I feel Joe deserves a peaceful and natural end to life.

I urge you: do not euthanize Joe the pigeon.


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Photo Credit: burtamus


  1. sylvia vegas says:

    I can’t believe that there are still some ignorant and heartless ‘no balls’ people in the USA

  2. Teresa Zamalloa says:

    That pidgeon broke a record and instead of getting commanded for making such a long journey successfully some idiots want to kill him? Uncredible!

    No wonder people say that there are all kinds of morons in the vineyard of the Lord

  3. ines gjurinovic says:

    What’s going on? Don’t tell me that those who want to eliminate the poor pigeon are afraid that it could bring a virus?
    Poor things … how brave of them!

  4. Manuela Lopez says:

    Does this achievement counts for nothing???? Really????
    Get killed because he flew too far…..

  5. How cruel and stupid! Australians need to step up and prove that they are more than one large penal colony.Why not quarantine the bird? Prove to the world that you people are a compassionate lot.

  6. Why don’t they put the poor bird on a plane back to where it came from. Problem solved and no unnecessary euthanasia

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