Success: Dog Beaten and Stabbed to Death Receives Justice

Target: Shawn R. Eatherton, Attorney for Buffalo County, Nebraska

Goal: Support animal cruelty conviction that carries upwards of a three-year prison sentence.

Calls for justice mounted after a Nebraska dog lost her life in a brutal fashion at the hands of her caretaker. This ForceChange petition called attention to the horrid act of animal cruelty. Now this innocent animal has finally received needed justice.

The suspect in the case, Khaleem Baringer, viciously pummeled his pet dog Mary Jane with a baseball bat because she defecated on the floor. When the defenseless animal ran away to hide in a bathtub, Baringer followed  her into the bathroom and continued hitting his dog. Even after the savage assault, this dog still managed to survive….until the suspect returned to the room a third time, grabbed the frightened animal, and then stabbed her to death. Police later found Mary Jane buried, with a broken skull.

Baringer has been convicted of felony animal cruelty and now faces up to three years of prison time. Sign the petition below to support justice being delivered in this sick incident.


Dear Mr. Eatherton,

The case of Khaleem Baringer disturbed your community and animal lovers country-wide. The very idea that a dog could be mercilessly killed with a baseball bat and a knife, all for the “crime” of relieving herself on the floor, truly shocks the conscience. With his conviction, we have renewed confidence that Mr.  Baringer will face the full measure of punishment at his upcoming sentencing.

Thank you for ensuring justice is served for this innocent animal and for your vigilance in prosecuting such horrific acts of cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Sara Mukitza


  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    BARINGER will get UP TO three years???
    That’s not nearly enough for his murderous assault on that poor dog!!! When he was an infant/toddler, I’ll bet his mother didn’t BEAT HIM WITH A BAT & STAB HIM for DEFECATING in his pants!!!!

  2. Jacqui Skill says:

    3 years is a slap on the wrist for the heinous crime of this monster! he should get life in prison! He is a brutal sadistic murderer!The punishment for animal murders are not harsh’s appalling!

  3. Lance Kammerud says:

    Put this son of a b*tch in jail for a long time…hell i say bury the POS under the jail.

  4. Another lowlife psychopathic animal torturing murdering filthy
    vile and evil monster bastard Khaleem Baringer who must be tortured to death by the same unimaginable heinous torture, suffering an an agonising death this filthy lowlife vile and evil pos committed against precious and innocent Mary Jane. This evil pos must be tortured to death and make this pos suffer in agony until it dies.Let us Animal lovers get to this pos and we will make sure this pos dies in excruciating agony. Pay back time you evil lowlife pos and burn in hell you lowlife.
    RIP precious Mary Jane. Bless your precious SOUL.

  5. Evelyn Ball says:

    Never mind jail time. Kill the worthless piece of human shit the way he killed that innocent dog! This should happen to all animal and child abusers.

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