Success: Louisville Bans No-Knock Warrants That Led to Breonna Taylor’s Death

BLM protest NYC - Anthony Quintano

Target: David James, President of the Metro Council of Louisville, Kentucky

Goal: Thank the City of Louisville for banning no-knock warrants like that which led to Breonna Taylor being shot in her own home.

The city council in Louisville, Kentucky, where Breonna Taylor was shot in her own home by police, has voted unanimously to ban the controversial “no-knock warrant” that allowed officers to enter her house without identifying themselves. Thanks to the persistent efforts of protesters, organizers, and supporters like the ones who signed this ForceChange petition, this dangerous tactic is now illegal.

No-knock warrants allow police to force their way into privates homes without identifying themselves as law enforcement, often leaving residents to believe they are being robbed or attacked. This is an unnecessary and unconstitutional technique that can have tragic consequences, and its ban is long overdue. Sign below to praise the Louisville Metro Council for this crucial step toward addressing systemic police brutality.


Dear Councilman James,

The city council’s decision to ban no-knock warrants is a victory for the people of Louisville, who have tirelessly made their voices heard following the tragic death of Breonna Taylor. These warrants have too often facilitated injustice and resulted in tragedy, and this ban is urgently overdue.

While nothing can reverse the cruel loss that Ms. Taylor’s family has suffered, Breonna’s Law will ensure that no more lives will be cut short in the same senseless manner. No one should have to wake up to what appears to be an armed burglary only to be shot in their own home. Thank you for taking concrete action to prevent such a tragedy from occurring again.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Anthony Quintano



  1. A little late for Breonna Taylor, which should never have happened in her own home minding her own business! So not really a success since she loss her life!

  2. Stupid law- it is clear FACT that the officers DID KNOCK… if they had NOT KNOCKED. she would be ALIVE..

    So really KNOCKING killed her because it gave her bf time to set up with a gun to shoot an officer which DIRECTLY led to her death.

    Stupid knee jerk reaction which is so IRONIC because if they had in FACT “NO KNOCKED” she would NOT BE DEAD.

    so think about that, they passed a law that directly KILLED HER…

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