Articles written by: Elizabeth Arant

Jail cell - Kango Traveler

Justice for Mentally Ill Man With Medical Condition Who Died in Police Custody

Phillip Garcia died in police custody after being hospitalized for a severe mental crisis and a potentially fatal medical condition. Video footage appears to show Garcia being tied up for several hours with no medical or psychiatric care while officers use excessive force to restrain and move him. Demand that the officers involved be fired and charged.

DACA rally - Pax Ahimsa Gethen

Success: Supreme Court Stops Trump From Deporting “Dreamers”

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Trump’s administration cannot deport young immigrants who are protected by the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This is a huge victory for immigrant rights group and activists who have fought Trump’s racist attacks on undocumented families. Commend the Supreme Court for this historic decision.

McConnell - Gage Skidmore

End Loophole That Allowed “Charleston 9” Mass Murderer to Purchase Gun

Five years after the senseless shooting of the “Charleston 9,” the loophole that allowed the shooter to purchase a gun in spite of his criminal record still exists. That’s because Senator Mitch McConnell refuses to vote on extending the waiting period for gun purchases to ten days, allowing for thorough background checks. Demand that McConnell pass this urgent legislation before the “Charleston loophole” results in further tragedies.

Gun - N. W. Huertas

Punish ‘Civilian Militia’ Member Accused of Shooting Protester

A member of an armed “civilian militia” reportedly shot a protester at an anti-racism demonstration. The alleged shooter, who was heard declaring himself to be the sheriff’s son, then appears to have hidden behind his fellow militants while other protesters rushed to help the victim. Sign the petition to demand that the person responsible for this shooting be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Solar panels - J. Brian Garmon

Don’t Let Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Undermine Green Energy Development

A secretive lobbying group with ties to the fossil fuel industry is attempting to make it harder for states to develop solar energy infrastructure. They hope to impose federal jurisdiction over all solar energy systems, effectively scrapping incentive programs and undermining existing contracts. Demand that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission allow states to continue implementing and maintaining their own solar energy infrastructure.

BLM protest NYC - Anthony Quintano

Success: Louisville Bans No-Knock Warrants That Led to Breonna Taylor’s Death

Louisville, Kentucky has banned the use of no-knock warrants like the one that led to Breonna Taylor being shot by police in her own home. Thank the city council for passing Breonna’s Law and ensuring that no one has to die this way at the hands of police again.

Trump - Gage Skidmore

Trump: Stop Hiding Recipients of Coronavirus Bailout Funds

The Trump administration is refusing to disclose the recipients of the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package. The American people have no way of knowing whether Trump is funneling their tax dollars toward his corporate cronies. Demand that Trump reveal the recipients of the coronavirus bailout money.

Police HSI - ICE

Stop Immigration Agents from Targeting People of Color at Protests

Immigration enforcement agents have been conducting raids on protests against police brutality, forcefully apprehending people of color. The right to protest is universal and should not be exploited to target and deport undocumented individuals. Demand that Immigration and Customs Enforcement stop these raids immediately.

Cyber face - WallpaperFlare

Amazon: Stop Making Facial Recognition Tech Used For Racial Profiling

Amazon is continuing to produce facial recognition products that contribute to racial profiling, even as other tech companies like IBM are vowing to drop this dangerous technology. As stories of police brutality saturate national headlines, Amazon’s decision to keep supplying these tools for discrimination sends a clear message of complicity. Demand that Amazon discontinue the production of all facial recognition products immediately.

Mike Adams - UNCW

Fire Professor Who Posted Racist Tweet After George Floyd’s Death

Just four days after George Floyd’s death, a professor posted a tweet comparing the North Carolina lockdown to a “slave state” and referring to the governor as “Massa Cooper.” This hateful post is one among many that have served to foster bigotry and divisiveness at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Demand that UNCW take a stand against racism and fire the professor immediately.

Unemployment map - GeoFRED

Don’t Cut Off Aid to Struggling Citizens Because of Minor Drop in Unemployment

Republicans are threatening to cut off government aid to Americans devastated by the COVID-19 virus. They are using a single financial report showing a 1% decrease in unemployment as an excuse for taking money away from those who need it most. Demand that the Senate Finance Committee continue issuing government aid until unemployment is back to pre-COVID levels.

Gun - Rudy van der Veen

Ban Dangerous “No-Knock” Warrants That Reportedly Led to Breonna Taylor’s Death

Plainclothes police officers allegedly broke into Breonna Taylor’s home without identifying themselves as police — a practice that shockingly is legal in Kentucky and much of the US. This dangerous tactic has reportedly resulted in Taylor’s tragic death and others before hers. Demand that Kentucky serve as an example for the nation by banning this unconstitutional practice.

Tom Cotton - Michael Vadon

Remove Hateful Op-Ed Calling for Military Violence Against Protesters

The New York Times published an op-ed calling for “an overwhelming show of force” from the U.S. military to quell nationwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism. Demand that the Times remove and apologize for amplifying this message of tyrannical violence.

Video camera - Bruno Massao

Stop Police From Collecting Identities of Peaceful Protesters

Los Angeles police are collecting video footage of peaceful protesters that could be used to discriminate against them. Capturing the identities of anti-police-brutality protests could have dangerous consequences. Demand that the LAPD stop collecting footage and instead focus on their duty to serve and protect.

Protesters - Rosemary Ketchum

Don’t Designate Anti-Fascism Activists as “Terrorist Organization”

President Donald Trump tweeted a threat to designate Antifa as a “terrorist organization,” despite the fact that Antifa is merely a general term for anti-fascist activists. The President’s claim is baseless, ignorant, and a clear attempt to label anyone who opposes Trump or his cronies as a terrorist. Demand that Attorney General William Barr stand up to Trump and denounce this threat.

Cops with handcuffs - PickPik

Don’t Jail Nonviolent Protesters in the Midst of Pandemic

Demonstrators who protested the unjust death of George Floyd are being jailed despite the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in crowded jails. Detaining large numbers of people in the midst of a pandemic puts the entire community at risk. Demand that protesters with low-level charges be released to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Chinchilla - Wallpaperflare

Chinchillas Allegedly Kept in Filthy Enclosures Without Medical Care Deserve Justice

Two animal breeding facilities are accused of keeping hundreds of chinchillas in filthy, unsafe conditions and failing to treat sick animals or clear dead bodies. These innocent animals deserve justice. Demand that the USDA revoke the licenses of the facilities involved.

Trump - Gage Skidmore

Success: Twitter Flags Trump’s Lies With Fact-Check Labels

Twitter has introduced fact-checking labels on Trump’s false statements, drawing ire from the tweet-happy president. Although Trump has threatened to strip the rights of social media companies in retaliation, Twitter is standing strong. Thank the social media company for taking an important step toward mitigating the president’s misuse of their platform.

N95 - CDC

Punish Man Who Allegedly Hoarded and Price Gouged Life-Saving Masks During Pandemic

Richard Schirripa allegedly hoarded thousands of much-needed medical masks to sell at exorbitant prices during the pandemic. While healthcare workers across the country had to make do with insufficient protective gear, Schirripa was allegedly selling masks out of his car. Demand that prosecutors seek the harshest punishment in this case.

Gun - PickPik

Justice for Black Muslim Man Allegedly Killed by Deputy

Yassin Mohamed, a black Muslim man who had recently been hospitalized for a mental health assessment, was allegedly shot by a sheriff’s deputy after reportedly throwing rocks at the officer. The deputy sustained no serious injuries and it is unlikely that he or she was in any real danger, but Mohamed still appears to have paid for this minor crime with his life. Demand that the Evans County Sheriff’s Department fire the deputy who allegedly shot and killed this unarmed man.

Church - PeakPx

Don’t Endanger Parishioners By Reopening Churches During Pandemic

President Donald Trump has declared that all religious institutions should be considered “essential services” and kept open in the midst of the pandemic. This is in spite of significant evidence that such congregations can be especially prone to contracting the coronavirus, with several cases already occurring in churches that were recently reopened. Demand that Trump rescind this dangerous statement and allow states to keep their citizens safe.

Doctors - Fshoq

Don’t Use Much-Needed COVID-19 Funding to Fight Universal Healthcare

The American Hospital Association is taking funds away from needy hospitals to support a lobbying group that opposes universal healthcare. Medical workers across the country are protesting this unjust misuse of funds. Demand that the American Hospital Association divest from this anti-progress lobbying group and instead funnel its resources to medical centers and workers that desperately need assistance.

Chemical site - Christopher Maldonado

Shut Down Company That Flooded Town and Potentially Released Toxic Chemicals

Floodwaters from a dam failure in Michigan have reached a chemical plant and may be spreading toxic substances throughout the area. The company behind the faulty dam has been cited for safety violations in the past, and it could continue to harm local communities if the government doesn’t step in. Demand that the license of this company be revoked.

Chickens - Manfred Richter

Success: Chickens Saved from Mass Killing at Factory Farm

An animal rights organization succeeded in rescuing 1,000 chickens from mass euthanization at an Iowa egg farm. Animals across the country are being put to death because of the coronavirus, many of them having lived their entire lives in cramped, inhumane conditions. Praise the animal rights activists who fought back against this cruelty.

Mitch McConnell by Gage Skidmore

Stop Republican Party’s New Plan to Suppress Voters

The Republican party is doubling down on efforts to weed out Democratic voters for the 2020 election. The party was repeatedly banned from taking part in “voter fraud” investigations after suppressing and intimidating voters, but a recent court ruling has lifted this restriction. Demand that this attack on voting rights be stopped.

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