Success: Humane Solution Found for Controlling Wild Horse Population

Target: The Honourable Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia

Goal: Support the passing of a law banning the culling of Kosciuszko brumbies.

New South Wales has introduced a bill that will save thousands of wild horses if passed. The Kosciuszko brumbies in particular have been targeted by humans who find the animals a “disturbance” to the environment of the national parks despite scientific research proving otherwise. The proposed solution prior to the bill would have destroyed all but 600 of these horses.

There are always much more humane methods of controlling animal populations than simply killing them, and this bill would ensure the use of such methods. Simply relocating a portion of the population, or allowing for the expansion of their habitat, would be superior solutions. Petitions such as this one have circulated in defense of the brumbies, demanding their protection as well as pointing out the contradiction to the claims that the horses are damaging their environment.

The introduction of this bill is indeed a success, but it is only the first step. Sign this petition to ensure that this bill passes and becomes a law to protect these beautiful, intelligent creatures.


Dear Prime Minister Turnbull,

A bill has been introduced to prevent the culling of thousands of wild horses in South Wales. Claims have been made that overpopulation of Kosciuszko brumbies is harmful to the environment, despite all evidence to the contrary; however, if the population must be controlled, there are far more humane methods, and this bill would legally require such methods to be used.

You must support this bill and ensure it passes. The introduction is a great step forward, but it is only the first step. Brumbies are beautiful and intelligent creatures deserving of protection and safety, and ensuring this bill becomes a law will grant it to them. Help us protect these horses from unnecessary deaths.


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Photo Credit: Jimmyvandewall

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  1. Dumb ass humans who say the horses are a disturbance to the environment ( which is a flat out lie! ) should be spayed and neutered!
    The animals That are a “disturbance” to the environment are the human animal.

    • lynn woods says:

      I agree with you 100%

    • That is a a lot of subhumans to sterilize! About 65% of that nation is composed of subhumans and all of them are composed of the eurotrash variety. All the issues australia has now began with the arrival of the europeans. (australia started out as a PENAL colony!) it is sad but true. Aborigines do not live in disharmony with the natural world and treat ALL sentient beings with respect. They may engage in subsistence hunting.

    • gen agustsson says:

      horses don’t disturb the environment

  2. lynn woods says:

    this is good news I hope it lasts now if we can do the same in North America we’ll be doing something between the US sending horses to Mexico for slaughter and Edmonton airlines shipping horses to Japan for slaughter pretty soon there won’t be any of these beautiful animals left they’ve done more for man than any other animal carried him and his weapons into war help build America and Canada on their backs and this is the thanks they get cruelty


  4. They are in their natural environment…the Thredbo accommodation collapse some years back – anyone remember that – talk about environmental damage.

  5. Ruth Rogers says:

    Thank You. From the letter: ” Brumbies are beautiful and intelligent creatures deserving of protection and safety, and ensuring this bill becomes a law will grant it to them. Help us protect these horses from unnecessary deaths.”
    I signed. Please sign.
    @353 signatures

  6. Thank you for not killing these beautiful horses. I agree with fellow writers, have a spay & neuter in place.
    And as to environmental damage – no species beats humans!

    Promote Eco-Tourism! We would visit and surely many others!

  7. America needs to take better care of it’s wild horse populations too. It is said that they ruin the wild ranges, so they are corralled by terrible methods, then sold or slaughtered. Once this is achieved, more cattle replace them. YES! Cattle replace them!! So the cattle don’t ruin the range?! Yup, $ talks.

  8. Lisa Allred says:

    Signed & Shared. 😊

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