Stop the Slaughter of Thousands of Wild Horses

Target: Mike Baird, Premier of New South Wales

Goal: Do not allow inhumane culling of wild horses in the Snowy Mountains.

Lawmakers in New South Wales have announced a shocking plan to slaughter more than 5,000 of the roughly 6,000 brumby horses living in and around Australia’s Snowy Mountains region. The brumby is an iconic breed of horse that is said to have descended from mares and stallions brought to Australia by British settlers in the 19th century.

According to the controversial plan, the brumbies are to be reduced by a whopping 90 percent, effectively driving them to the brink of extinction. Within 10 years, about 3,000 horses would be slaughtered. After 20 years, there would be only 600 left. Ground shootings would be the primary method of eliminating the unwanted horses.

The rationale behind the proposed slaughter is that the brumbies are overpopulated and pose a threat to the ecosystem. Authorities argue that relocating the horses is impractical.

Madison Young, an environmental scientist and Vice President of the Hunter Valley Brumby Association, begs to differ. She has stated that there is no scientific evidence that the horses do any serious damage to their environment. Moreover, she says that relocating the horses is indeed practical, as they tend to settle into new surroundings very well.

Proponents of the cull claim that shooting the horses is the most “humane” way of dealing with the situation. The term “humane cull” is often used. But this is an oxymoron. There is nothing remotely humane about shooting thousands of healthy, intelligent and friendly horses to death.

Culling of this sort oftentimes goes disastrously wrong. During an aerial cull (in which animals are shot from helicopters) carried out in New South Wales in 2000, many horses took days to die after the bullets they were shot with failed to kill them instantly. It’s hard to imagine a crueler way to kill an innocent creature.

Please sign the below petition, urging the New South Wales government to reject this monstrous proposal.


Dear Mr. Baird,

I was horrified to learn of your government’s plan to slaughter thousands of wild horses via ground shooting. Brumbies are beautiful, intelligent and calm creatures. They have as much a right to their lives as you and I do.

As you know, there are humane alternatives to slaughtering these horses. They can, for instance, be trapped and relocated. This is not only a viable solution, but a cruelty-free one as well. That people would choose to kill them instead defies belief.

Please choose kindness over cruelty and reject the proposed cull of brumbies.


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Photo Credit: Robyn MacRae

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  1. Alexandre Engelen says:

    Previously the horse was the best people’s friend and now it is referred to the dustbin …
    Silly trivial Australian authorities and those who blindly carry out the extermination of these beautiful horses: you know nothing about the ecosystem, you are responsible not the horses as they are a part of nature!
    There are other “human” solutions !

    • Patricia Hayward says:

      A cull of 4 000 or 5 000 wild horses out of the somewhere between 400 000 and 500 000 wild horses in Australia is a reduction of 1%.
      That is not extermination.
      What ARE in danger of extinction are the little Australian animals unique to this country that survived and developed for the hundreds and thousands of years that it was isolated from European colonisation.
      A macropod is an Australian marsupial – animals such as echidnas, platypuses, koalas, wallabies etc are unique to Australia and they are probably a lot littler than you think.
      People from the USA have a habit of stereotyping all Australian kangaroos as 6 foot tall with boxing gloves. Bizarre.
      On the farm when I was growing up in the 1950s in an isolated part of Australia, our family came across a mother kangaroo that had been killed by some passing car or truck.
      Upon investigation, Dad found that there was a joey in her pouch and it was still alive.
      We took it home and successfully raised it to adulthood. For the first many months, it slept in the warming oven of our slow combustion stove. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with those but it does demonstrate how small some of these animals are.

      Horses are never going to become extinct.

      But already somewhere between 5 and 16 native Australian animals HAVE become extinct since Europeans arrived. What I would like to happen, and I think you would like to happen, is that no more of these animals become extinct.

  2. Jane Morrow says:

    What the heck is wrong with you Australia? You have zero respect for other species – culling kangaroos by the hundreds, sending thousands of sheep and cattle to miserable inhumane deaths in Middle Eastern and Asian hell holes, destroying precious habitats without care for coal and mineral extraction, now planning the murder of thousands of beautiful wild horses. Shame on you!!

    • Patricia Hayward says:

      Jane, Do you see how inconsistent your comment is? Australia’s delicate ecosystem was sent crazy by the invasion of Europeans and the introduced plants and animals have created havoc.
      “destroying precious habitats without care for coal and mineral extraction”?
      God almighty! We are doing our best to fight against the *&^)*&^ coal and mineral extractions.
      We want to protect the “precious habitats” and you will not find a research paper in the world that does not note that the 400 000 feral horses in Australia are the WORST threats to the precious habitats of the unique Australian wildlife.
      PLEASE look at the broader picture.

  3. The removal of the wild horses from the Alpine region will create the environment for extreme fire risk .The horses are now part of the natural ecosystem .They assist on keeping the under growth and natural grasses under control.Some control by muster and trapping gelding colts and the sale of selected animals is needed but HUMANLY!!

    • Patricia Hayward says:

      Well THAT’s a new one. There are 400 000 feral horses in Australia and the decision to cull 1% of these – 4 000 – will “will create the environment for extreme fire risk”.
      (Beats head on desk)
      Please do some homework, Julie Isbister.

  4. Rubens Jean-Louis says:


    • Patricia Hayward says:

      Well, that is a thoughtful, rational and well researched response, if ever I’ve read one.
      Either that, or it is a crock of shit.
      Please do your homework and read up on the damage that feral horses (and camels, and rabbits, and cane toads and foxes and all the other introduced weeds and species have done to the delicately balanced Australian ecosystem) – that was, before the introduction of flora and fauna that has been so destructive, I wonder if my country will ever recover.
      European invasion has been ghastly for my continent.
      And thanks for the wishes that I rot and burn in hell.
      I presume the fact that five UNIQUE species of Australian native animals have become extinct since European invasion, and eleven more are in danger, doesn’t matter to you?
      I mean, what exactly ARE kangaroos and wallabies and koalas and dingoes and echidnas and the other 65 unique Australian species?
      I mean – you can get wombats and emus anywhere. But horses? Feral, destructive, wild horses? Only in Australia.
      So lets let the platypus and pygmy possums and koalas become extinct and let HORSES rule Australia. And the world.
      Give me a break.
      And do some homework.

  5. Cecily Colloby says:

    Slaughter a few people instead-starting with the dimwits who came up with this idea.The only creature which needs culling on this planet is the vile human race….

    • Anton Kupers says:

      Absolutely right !! Humans are the only ones who destroy their own environment. THEY ARE THE STUPID ONES on this earth, not animals and plants.
      And culling all hunters, poachers, drugs- and animaldealers, slaughterers, rapists, rainforest-destroyers, animalabusers and stupid lawmakers maybe a good idea.
      But better would be sterilizing them; humans are breeding on and on and there are billions of people too much on this earth. That is nothing compare to only a few thousend horses. Australia can better castrate as many as possible, make geldings of them and keep it in control that way.

      • Patricia Hayward says:

        You have a good point about sterilisation as one way of keeping the feral horse population under control in Australia.
        And I’m with you on not having much tolerance at all for hunters, poachers, drugs- and animal dealers, slaughterers, rapists, rainforest-destroyers, and animal abusers.
        It’s a curious mixture that you have come up with :-).
        I’ll just go with the animal abusers for now.
        I think you’ve got some good points. This video from 2015 is balanced and gives both sides of the issue.

    • Patricia Hayward says:

      Cecily, thank you for being interested in the Australian environment. The scientist who has studied the situation for 43 years shows that he does love the unique native plants and animals including those in the Snowy Mountains where he has done this research.
      This short documentary/video might give you an idea of both sides of the argument.

  6. Anne Grant-Salmon. says:

    As a life long fan of horses i just think there are better ways of controling Brumby numbers it might take longer but at least its more humane. Sterilization was used to control cats with some success. Its a problem created by man now we have to sort it. But not by culling in the way proposed which is dreadfully wrong.

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