Stop Exploiting Nosey the Elephant

Target: Public Relations for The Great Lakes Medieval Faire

Goal: Cancel plans with alleged animal abuser Hugo Liebel.

Nosey the elephant has been suffering for over 10 years in captivity at the hands of Hugo Liebel, an animal exhibitor who has racked up over 200 Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations. Despite his notorious reputation, The Great Lakes Medieval Faire in Ohio has plans to host Mr. Liebel and exploit Nosey. Nosey needs our help to stop this needless suffering.

Some of Mr. Liebel’s AWA violations include, but are not limited to, denying proper veterinary care when needed, not providing adequate shelter in the sweltering heat, and chaining Nosey so tightly she could barely move. There is also video footage of Nosey trapped in a small, electrified enclosure in the middle of a parking lot with no food, water, or protection from the sun.

Sign this petition and demand The Great Lakes Medieval Faire cancel its plans with Mr. Liebel. No animal should suffer for human entertainment.


Dear Public Relations Department,

The Great Lakes Medieval Faire currently has plans with the animal exhibitor Hugo Liebel who is notorious for his alleged animal abuse and has racked up over 200 Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations. It is time to stop exploiting his elephant Nosey for human entertainment.

Nosey has been in Mr. Liebel’s care for over 10 years. His AWA violations include, but are not limited to, denying proper veterinary care, not providing adequate shelter in the heat, and chaining Nosey so tightly she could barely move. Current video footage shows that Nosey now has trouble walking, which is mostly likely due to arthritis from living on concrete for so long. Arthritis is not only painful, but deadly to elephants.

Please consider canceling your plans with Mr. Liebel. Venues across the country have done so after learning about the horrors Nosey faces daily. It is time to stop supporting what experts say is one of the worst documented cases of abuse in an elephant.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: greissdesign

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  1. Anne Moeller says:

    Move Nosey to a RELIABLE sanctuary NOW !! And then chain Hugo to a wall with NO food or water and let him suffer!!

  2. Ginger Neimo says:

    Gee the poor animal is still suffering and seems like nothing can be done to really help her. Some humans are so evil

  3. This is a no-brainer, take nosy away from this man find this man prosecute this man and shut down his circus. He is a detriment to the psychological health of society and the respect and proper treatment of animals.

  4. put the man that scum bag for years having the same he use to give to the elephant. That’s called justice and karma.
    It can be done if people get enrage every time they they see and know about these things. Than they wait for the right moment and attack all, an enrage crowd the evil human. We need to clean the world from these devil, evil sons and daughters.

  5. What is it going to take to get this animal abuser arrested and charged? 200 violations and still going! Please get this abused, suffering elephant into the hands of someone fit to look after her. And, Great Lakes Fair organisers, surely, knowing the facts,I trust you will think again before you have anything to do with mr liebel and his abominable ways.

  6. This poor sweet elephant needs to be rescued as soon as possible.
    The people perpetrating and participating in the cruelty toward her should all be locked up. This is animal cruelty and should not be tolerated.

  7. PATRICIA KatWrangler WELCH says:

    Who is this POS Hugo Liebel paying off?
    Why is he allowed – for YEARS – to continue to abuse Nosey and any other animal in his “possession”?
    Are the Authorities waiting for Nosey to just “go away”?
    Someone should make Mr Scumbag Liebel go away, after giving him a long taste of his own medicine.

    Signing – AGAIN – to help this poorelephant.
    AND contacting The Great Lakes Medieval Faire at their website:

  8. Making money from Misery ! ! ! Exploitation of Non-Humans is IMMORAL ! ! !


    THEY WILL ROTTEN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Put this idiot Liable in jail for animal cruelty he should be charged with countless felonies. Why haven’t the human society and the Ohio police department arrested this animal abuser. He has struck this elephant with a bull hook numerous times. Charge this violent offender with agrevateanimal animal abuse and make it over 50 cents to bring justice for a defenses animal being tortured by this sick sadistic idiot. Let him get a real job and stop exploring this innocent animal! Where is the Ohio SPCA? Charge this criminal and send Nosey to a sanctuary!

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