Dead Puppy Reportedly Beaten Into ‘Ground Hamburger’ Deserves Justice

Target: Benjamin R. David, District Attorney for New Hanover County, North Carolina

Goal: Demand that the man who is accused of beating a puppy to death on Christmas Day receive the maximum penalty.

A puppy died horrifically after he was reportedly beaten viciously on Christmas Day. The puppy apparently bit the suspect and then urinated on his shoe, leading to the beating. Demand justice for this puppy.

“Dr. Smith told us he had never seen an animal beaten so badly. He described the puppy’s liver as ground hamburger,” stated Lt. Jerry Brewer of the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office. Axel, a yellow Labrador, died of repeated blunt force trauma and internal bleeding after he was reportedly beaten by Christopher Anthony Simpson. Per deputies, Simpson savagely beat Axel when his girlfriend and her family briefly left her parents’ home. Her parents contacted the authorities after they learned of the apparent cruelty, and officers later found Axel deceased in the backyard.

The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office charged Simpson with felony animal cruelty. Sign below and demand that Simpson receive the maximum penalty by law, if convicted.


Dear District Attorney David,

A puppy was reportedly beaten to death in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The puppy was apparently beaten so badly that his liver looked like “ground hamburger,” police stated. We demand justice for this poor puppy.

The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office charged Christopher Anthony Simpson with felony animal cruelty after he reportedly beat a puppy to death on Christmas Day. The puppy, a yellow Labrador named Axel, belonged to Simpson’s girlfriend’s parents.

Per deputies, Simpson beat Axel to death after the puppy bit him and urinated on his shoe. He then reportedly hid Axel’s body in the backyard. Reports showed that Axel died of repeated blunt force trauma and internal bleeding. Per records, Simpson was also charged with animal cruelty three years ago in a separate case. Those charges were dropped. Simpson has been released on bail and is awaiting trial.

This man must be punished, if found guilty, in order to ensure the safety of all animals. We ask that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office


  1. This man is vile and disgusting and needs to be thrown in jail and never allowed near an animal again. The animal protection laws needs to get tougher on these violent and cruel psychos, hope he gets what he deserves when he’s in jail.

  2. Keep this useless human locked up and throw away the key. Take a sample of his DNA and charge him criminally for this horrible act of cruelty. The girlfriend needs serious mental help staying with this monster. She should be very scared since she may be the next victim of this abuser.

  3. What A scrum bag. Don’t let him get away with this. This puppy did not deserve this. Poor thing.

  4. Prosecuters must throw the book at this violent deviant who threatens the entire community. Further, I sincerely hope Simpson’s girlfriend comes to her senses and severs all ties with this violent criminal. Certainly the family should sever ties with Simpson, and were I they, I would seek police protection to ensure that that dangerous individual stays away from them. He is demonstrably sadistic violent, dangerous and a serious threat to public safety.

  5. Simpson is an evil low life piece of shit. He is a weak predatory bastard who gets his high from being sadistic.Make sure the bastard gets his comeuppance, preferably a bullet through his head and may he be hacked to death and suffer the same way Axel suffered.

    RIP Axel – may your evil killer get beaten to a pulp and suffer for his wickedness.

    Hang all predators.

  6. Catherine Kasper says:

    Absolutely sickening and unacceptable!!! This disgusting subhuman is obviously very sick in the head to do something so heinous to an innocent animal. We need stricter punishment for people who commit these atrocious acts of violence!! Throw this lowlife scum in jail, he should not be walking the streets, nor should he ever be allowed near an animal again. It wouldn’t surprise me if his next victim was a human being.

  7. Just when you think you’ve seen it all some monster comes and does something more horrible to comprehend! This monster should already be put away in a mental institute. How the hell can anyone do something so cruel and horrible to an innocent dog. This makes me sick to my stomach and I can’t stop crying for this baby. Something has to be done to stop this monster!

    • Honestly? As a mentally ill person who would never hurt an animal, and who was made mentally ill by child abuse by a violent man who caused me incurable PTSD…please don’t lock me up with men like this. I know too many mentally ill women already who’ve been beaten and sexually assaulted by other patients while they were in psych wards. It happens a lot, and the excuse is always that it’s better they’re not out on the street. I guess mentally ill women who are captive with them against our free will and choice are fair game, since we’re already “crazy”? I don’t know. I just don’t want to get assaulted in a place I’m not allowed to leave and have to keep living with the man who did it again. That’s just like my childhood. I don’t want to relive that as an adult. It almost killed me the first time when I was three, you know?

  8. Horror! Hope he dies and rots in hell! Waste of space.
    May the little soul rest in peace.

  9. His conscience might it burn in Hell!

  10. I am so disgusted. This continuous pummeling is such mindless, out of control hate, it is venomous. This bastard, God forgive me, I hope has a heart attack with such radiating prolonged pain. He needs to suffer. Poor Axle behavior most likely stemmed from fear……they know..and the animals with the so called brains and smarts, fail them. For all the Axels out there, you are in my prayers!!

  11. Elaine Eudy says:

    This is absolutely horrible & this scumbag needs to be put away. The pup was being a puppy, they have to learn these things. The man is a monster. If it were my choice, I would choose “an eye for an eye”, then I would gladly proceed to beat this jerk to death & throw him out like garbage. Animal cruelty MUST BE STOPPED! Please punish accordingly. Too many scumbags are getting away with these horrors!

  12. This is beyond comprehension. That POS deserves not any justice what so ever. Beat him, lock him up in the darkest hell hole and forget him.

  13. Lori Stearns says:

    I can only hope & pray I’m a nail in this mans coffin when it comes to this case. As humans we can do much better than this!!!!

  14. miranda todd says:

    The girlfriend is defending him. He’s assaulted her while pregnant and now murdered her parent’s puppy, but she’ll stand by him. If he isn’t put away, she might be next.

    • That’s so damn sad. I hope she sees him for what he is before he murders her. Or her child, assuming she didn’t miscarry when he beat her during her pregnancy.

    • She deserves to be charged as an accessory for leaving the dog with him and sticking by him, and for just being so damn stupid. Doesn’t she know if he’ll do this to a dog he’ll probably do it to her too? What a stupid, foolish girl.

  15. Christopher Anthony Simpson
    5006 Shaw Ct.
    Wilmington, NC

    People. You know what to do. Eye for an eye.

  16. Find the man. Beat him until he’s too broken to move. Then piss directly on his wounds. Then bring in several dogs to piss on his wounds. Then encourage the dogs to maul his bloody, nearly dead body. Then, finally, begin grinding him into actual ground meat while he’s still alive. He’ll die from blood loss during the process. Justice will have been served.

    • After beating him until his liver is mush, put him in a wood chipper feet first and turn him into dog food. Then donate him to the animal shelter and say its deer meat.

  17. Sick fuck! Give me five minutes with him and I will turn him into paste

    • Grab a bat and let’s go. An eye for an eye since justice is already blind to how horrible this is and whatever he gets will be nothing compared to what he deserves.


  19. Prosecute this sick violent criminal to the fullest extent of the law! Why wasn’t he dealt with the first time? The senseless death of this puppy is on your conscience. If you had dealt epwith this out of control freak the first time you would have saved an innocent animal from torture and suffering. Hopfully this time this idiot will be jailed fined and placed on long long parol where he will be unable to kill again! Something is wrong with you if you think his crimes do not need to be punished to the fullest extent.
    If you do not prosecute him to the fullest extent possible then you should let him move innextdoir to you. I do NOT ever want my family exposed to this violent out of control criminal!!! Do your job..prosecute criminals especially violent criminals!

  20. Christopher Anthony Simpson must be brought to justice. He apparently was abusive to the dog or it would not have urinated on his show and but him. Let his punishment for the crime. He needs to be beaten as well.

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