Stop City’s Planned Coyote Slaughter

Target: Tom Beck, Mayor of Arcadia, California

Goal: Reverse your decision to slaughter coyotes.

Recently, the Arcadia City Council voted to hire a contractor to kill coyotes as a means of population control. This slaughter is cruel, ineffective and must be stopped.

The current plan would call for the contractor to trap and then kill numerous coyotes. Trapping is an extremely cruel and stressful situation for wild animals, which in this case is then followed by a brutal execution. It can also catch non-targeted animals including protected wildlife. Animals have been known to chew off limbs in order to escape traps. This trap and slaughter practice often leads to orphaned wildlife which is typically a death sentence for these animals, as well.

Sign this petition and demand the City of Arcadia spare these innocent animals’ lives. This is not only incredible cruel, but research has shown that mass killings are not an effective method of population control.


Dear Mayor Beck,

Recently, your city council voted to spend taxpayer money to hire a contractor to trap and slaughter coyotes as a means of population control. This plan is not only cruel, but ineffective as well.

Trapping is an incredibly stressful experience for wild animals. It can often lead to serious injuries and animals have been known to chew off limbs in order to escape traps. Traps can also catch non-target animals including protected wildlife and domesticated animals. After this horrible ordeal, the animal is brutally killed. This often leads to orphaned wildlife which typically leads to their deaths, as well.

Please consider reversing your decision and sparing the lives of countless innocent coyotes. Research has shown that mass killings are not an effective method of population control.


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Photo credit: Chistopher Bruno

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  1. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Tom – The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth too; they have just as much a right to be here as you and I do. Trapping and killing these coyotes is murder, plain and simple. Leave the wildlife alone…

  2. Caryl Sawyer says:

    Arcadia, California. Let’s remember this vapid community and should the occasion arise to visit and spend vacation dollars, DON’T!

  3. Mayor Beck, the ignorance of these decision makers is out for the world to see. Is Arcadia that barbaric? Trapping endangers dogs, other wildlife and the public. What are you thinking?! Leave these animals alone.

  4. Humane Society solution to coyote populations. Stop leaving out pets, food and garbage. Coyotes just breed younger to repopulate. The traps kill all animals not just coyotes.

  5. The City Council members of Arcadia, California are heartless and
    inhumane. They should be voted out at the next City Council election for this decision to slaughter coyotes as a means of population control. This decision is not only wrong. It is an advocacy for the cruel torture of innocent wild animals. SHAME ON YOU City Council members of Arcadia, California!

  6. Poison those bastards that do this

  7. Kill the Arcadia City Council idiots, their bitches and evil spawn before they breed!

  8. Michael O'Leary says:

    Assholes. Throw the shitheads out of office.

  9. Rubens Jean-louis says:


  10. this damn animal cruelty must be abolished worldwide.
    in today’s time have the animals not to work, and Certainly not in the traffic
    for the transports we TAXIS
    people who want to ride in the coach are all pure Egoists or without brain

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗?

  12. Renate Ingelsheim says:

    You mayor Beck, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, this will not help AT ALL !! When you trap coyotes away, they will have more and greater litters, the same as with humans ! Better castrate them and all the people also.

  13. Daniela Bress says:

    The human one is the most invasive, overpopulated and destructive species which endangers habitats and vital resources of ALL living beings on this planet.

    Actually, it’s long overdue to start culling this parasitic individuals and if we don’t want to decide which is to die first we must at least stop multiplying for several decades in order to save this earth as a habitat for living beings.

    All our greed, recklessness, megalomania and selfishness, reflected by our laws, our wars, our businesses, …

    … are not enough action against the destructive spread of our worthless species!

    Coyotes, prairie dogs, wolves, bears, bees, ants, cockroaches, birds of prey, foxes, salmon, elephants, leopards, songbirds, lions, reptiles, tigers, monkeys, hamsters, …..

    ….. every single plant …..

    ….. they ALL are of importance for the ecological balance, they ALL have their certain purpose, this earth with all animal and plant species is a paradise for life …..

    ….. until a human community gets involved.

    We are the only ecologically completely worthless species that’s destroying its’ own habitat, poisoning its’ own vital resources and exterminating itself for greed and megalomania.

    So if a human being is not able to peacefully co-exist with nature, this individual is nothing else but a danger to life in general – garbage that has to be removed like any other trash!!!

  14. Let’s be rational, compassionate & moral — for the sake of God, let’s do the right thing by these coyotes!!

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