Do Not Allow Drivers to Legally Hit and Kill Pedestrian Protesters

Target: Representative Al Carson, North Dakota House Majority Leader

Goal: Hold motor vehicle drivers liable for hitting, injuring or killing pedestrians participating in street protests.

Drivers of motor vehicles may be exempt from legal consequences if they hit, injure or kill a pedestrian obstructing traffic in a public road or highway in North Dakota, if a new bill passes. As long as the driver’s actions are “negligent” and unintentional, the pedestrian would be the one held responsible for “intentionally putting themselves in danger” by taking to the streets to protest. The move is clearly meant to discourage the expression of political dissent that forms the basis of our democracy.

This proposed bill comes in response to the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, which took over streets and obstructed traffic. The protests were peaceful and entirely legal. This bill would be a clear violation of citizens’ right to assemble and voice their opinions, particularly when politicians may not agree with those opinions. Sign below to defend the rights of American citizens to have their own opinions and to express them in peaceful protests, without having to fear for their safety and their lives.


Dear Representative Carson,

A proposed bill that exempts motor vehicle drivers from legal consequences if they hit, injure or kill a protester in the street is an extremely dangerous violation of human rights. Our country was founded on the right of its citizens to assemble, peacefully protest and express political dissent. This bill would trample on those rights.

Under this bill, pedestrian protesters exercising their legal right to voice their opinions would have to fear for their lives and their safety, knowing that injury or even death could befall them with absolutely no consequence to the perpetrator. Even in cases of unintentional injury or death, the negligent driver must be held accountable. This bill could encourage those who disagree with protesters to cause harm without fear of consequence. I urge you to protect the basic rights that formed the democracy that is America. Do not allow drivers to run over pedestrian protesters without any legal liability.


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  1. This bill basically legalizes the maiming and murder of protesters.
    I thought Russia was bad by legalizing domestic violence, but this takes the cake.
    My opinion – it’s a bill made by psychopaths for psychopaths. Very scary.
    The people promoting this bill should be removed from office.

  2. Of course I’d drive through them, if they managed to get me out of my car, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill me too. Get out the way Bi*ch!

    • The girl has no name says:

      And you are the weakest link..please be joking

    • I love this, street protests should be deemed illegal as they are not peaceful. A persons protest and expression of free speech stops being peaceful when it impedes and possibly endangers others….drive on and over in N Dakota!!!!!

  3. The girl has no name says:

    PLEASE FOE THE LOVE OF ALL THATS BREATHING.. HELLO protesters are armed with signs not 4 wheel weapons. Think before you spread the idiocy Smh. Divide and concur. We the people have so few legal avenues to raise awareness and disagree with the powers that be, why would you help the Oppression and do their bidfing for free? Legalize capital punishment for US citizens exercising their constitutional rights? And start a cycle of fear? And this benefits.. and the gov has no accountability… and youd condone this because…the citizens were inconvenienced? so they took care of that petty we sit back and repeat…sheeple.

    • Because I’m hungry and dinner is at home. You are the only think stopping me from eating it. Your life is worth less than my sustenance. Sorry about your luck.

  4. allowing protesters to swarm the streets into traffic should not be allowed. if someone panics.. and it’s very easy to understand if it’s a young driver or an elderly driver or a driver with small children…. and hits a protester who has just dove like an idiot in front of the car, then the driver not only should NOT be punished but should be able to sue the protester. swarming cars, setting cars on fire and breaking windows is not protesting.. it’s vandalism.

  5. p.s. petition not signed.

  6. “The right to peaceably assemble is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. HOWEVER, this does not mean that every demonstration, protest or gathering can be done at any time of the day or night and at any location one chooses. The reason for this is because there is a “balance” struck between the citizens’ right to lawfully assemble and the time, place and manner in which the assembly is to be done.”
    “If law-enforcement knows in advance as to the time place and manner of the demonstration, it may permit the intersection to be blocked by the group, but also create a reasonable detour for traffic to go around the blocked intersection. Ideally, there would be a presence of law-enforcement in order to assure that the assembly remains peaceable and to direct traffic around at the intersection to some alternate route so that traffic is not unreasonably hindered by the group’s assembly.”
    People CAN NOT walk among traffic without reasonable care.


    I am NOT condoning the ridiculous idea that protesters should be targets, but they DO have the RESPONSIBILITY to gather in a PEACEFUL AND SAFE manner. Otherwise, it’s just another mob.

  7. PS: February 3, 2017 BURLINGTON, Conn – A Harwinton woman is accused of trying to hit a police officer with her car Thursday after apparently ranting about President Trump and cops abusing the rights of citizens.

    State police say 58-year-old Eileen Pierce tried to hit an officer directing traffic at a tree-trimming site on Route 69– allegedly driving her Subaru wagon directly at him, yelling out the window, and shaking her fist. The officer quickly got out of the way, and Pierce narrowly missed hitting a tree crew.

    When Pierce was pulled over at the Burlington-Bristol line, troopers say she rambled for several minutes, saying she was upset with police and that officers are being murdered because they tend to abuse people’s rights — noting she was angry that Donald Trump is president.


    The door swings BOTH ways. NOT signed.
    And personally, I think this insanity has gone one long enough.

  8. Madeline Loder says:

    This cannot pass!!




  11. WarriorJudge says:

    Get your dumbasses out of the road. Protestor are NOT pedestrians.

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