Cancel ‘Duck Strangling Festival’

Target: Rolando Zapata Bello, Governor of Yucatan

Goal: End festival in which ducks are strangled and other animals beaten to death.

Every year in a small city in Mexico, the Kots Kaal Pato festival occurs. Kots Kaal Pato roughly translates into “strangle the duck.” In Citilcum, a city in Izamel, Yucatan, festivalgoers bind a duck to a wooden frame and then proceed to stamp over each other to try to rip off the bird’s head.

If that is not barbaric enough, news sources have reported children grabbing local animals, like iguanas and opossums, and stuffing them into pinatas. Then the pinata is beaten and bashed while the live animals are stuck inside.

Sign this petition and demand these barbaric events be put to an end. These animals should not be forced to go through this pain ever again.


Dear Mr. Bello,

Every year in the small city of Citilcum, the Kots Kaal Pato festival occurs. At this festival, countless animals are tortured for entertainment.

According to news sources, children grab small animals like iguanas and opossums, stuff them into pinatas, and then bash the pinata until they are bored. If the animal survives that torturous ordeal, then they will likely die from being repeatedly stepped on while stuck in the hectic crowds. However, that is not all that occurs. In addition, a duck is bound to a wooden frame and festivalgoers stamp over each other while trying to rip the duck’s head off.

These disgusting acts of barbaric torture must be put to an end. Please consider putting an end to this savage festival and save countless lives from unnecessary pain and death.


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  1. So many cruelties imposed on innocent animals all around the world… Makes me wish this world would just end… End the evil… End the suffering… Sigh…

  2. Karen Remnant says:

    A countries culture is something it should be proud of. Big fail for Mexico! This is 2016 not 1716!!

  3. What’s wrong with humans that they think this is entertaining? No wonder Mexico is a third world country.

    • What you can say about USA, where around 80% of the Big game hunters are from there… It means that a people from “first countries” can pay and kill animals around the world? Also, what about all the bears, wolves, coyotes, etc.. that are killing for “Conservation”? and what about the Food industry???

  4. they need to rip their own heads off not the ducks now.

  5. Kathryn Andreas says:

    A babaric practice … do they treat humans, especially if they are different or weak.

  6. What a bunch of feral, backward, disgraceful pieces of crap. Great morals to pass on to their children ……… What the hell is wrong with these people???

  7. Sandra Ackroyd says:


  8. I’m not surprised! When a society can do the same to millions of unborn babies, pull them apart limb by limb within the sanctuary of their own mother’s bodies it sure does translate to cruelty to animals. When we have no regard for HUMAN life, then this kind of cruelty always and will take place! Too sad!

    • You are an idiot.

      Aborting unborn babies has nothing to do with the torture and killing of animals for the entertainment and enjoyment of spectators in Spanish countries.

      The matador draws his sword and the crowd roars it’s approval. He drives it into the bull’s neck, the crowd cheers and the matador looks into the bull’s eyes with satisfaction as the bull dies with blood gushing out of it’s mouth.

      The people in these countries have a long history of torturing and killing animals for enjoyment and entertainment. There is more than the duck strangling and bull fighting. There is something really wrong with these people, and wrong with these countries that they have not yet forever banned these activities.

  9. eleni demetriades says:

    Please show your disgust by posting to Mexico s official fb page.

  10. maleka sharay says:

    Mexican people who participate in torturing and killing animals should be killed the same way. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.

  11. So many cruelty to animals cases in Mexico, just who are the animals here? Mexicans need to start behaving like they’re living in the 21st century!

  12. maria reis says:

    Im so impressed. How can “humans” can be so mean. And,what kind of entertainement is that one which there are lots of pain and death. Anyway, Zarina, I totally agree with you.

  13. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Rolando Zapata Bello – The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth, too, and they have earned our respect and protection. Surely you can find another way to entertain yourselves! Please do the right thing here and end this barbaric festival. No animal deserves this kind of treatment…not one!

  14. Bill Trump says:

    I kinda want to go to that festival and beat small animals to death. brb I’m going to slit my wrists

  15. lizzy jacobs says:

    What a barbaric people !!! Are they sick in there head ?
    Maybe Donald Thrump has right about the Mexicans .

  16. Alice Knight says:

    I cannot believe what people do for entertainment at the expense of an animal! Also why this would be seen by children who would be lead by example. This is archaic behavior and by no means civilized. Animals go through so much torture at the hands of human beings. There seems to be a trend,a fad in torturing living beings of any kind. But to pull on an animals head and stuffing them into piñatas for the shear enjoyment. I can’t fathom these atrocities.

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