Success: Fashion Brand Stopped Using Angora Fur

Target: Nicolas Dreyfus, CEO of The Kooples

Goal: Commend a clothing retailer for ending the use of angora fur.

Over 110 global brands have ended the use of angora, including Forever 21 and Calvin Klein. Now, The Kooples, a French fashion brand, can be added to that list. After receiving many calls, emails and petition letters, even one published on ForceChange, the brand decided to end its use of angora fur in its products.

Rabbits at angora fur farms have their fur ripped or sheared from their bodies every three months. The process is painful and terrifying either way it is performed. The rabbits will endure this pain until they eventually die from disease, neglect or are killed.

It is nice to know that The Kooples has finally joined many other retailers in saying no to angora fur. This is a great step towards the liberation of angora rabbits all over the world. Sign this petition to thank The Kooples for ending its use of angora fur.


Dear Mr. Dreyfus,

Thank you for deciding to end the use of angora fur on your brand’s products. You have now joined over 110 global retailers, including the Gap, Calvin Klein, Forever 21 and H&M, in taking a stand against angora.

As you now know, the process of obtaining angora fur is barbaric. Every three months, rabbits have their fur torn, plucked, sheared or ripped from their bodies. They endure this painful and horrifying experience until they die. With the amount of cruelty free alternatives nowadays, there is no reason to do this to these innocent animals.

Thank you for no longer using angora in your products. It is heartening to see your brand spread awareness and positivity.


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Photo credit: Oldhaus


  1. Thank you for ending your used of angora !!!

  2. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you

  4. Carol Frye says:

    Thank you, thank you. I hope many other companies follow your example and one day we see the end of the barbaric fur industry.

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