Success: Dog Saved From Mud Hole

Target: Chief of Police Herbert Blake, Henderson Police Department

Goal: Thank Officer Blake and the rest of the Henderson Police Department for saving a dog from a barren mud hole.

Construction workers continuously saw a sweet dog confined to a small, barren mud pit in Henderson, North Carolina. Day after day, they saw this friendly boy who just wanted to experience love. Thankfully, this all changed due to public outcry, the hard work of animal activists and and petitions like this one on ForceChange.

Chief of Police Herbert Blake, a city councilor and animal welfare workers arrived to the dog’s house and took him out of the mud pit for good. The dog, now named Noah, was brought to a no-kill shelter where he is hoping to soon find his forever family.

Sign this letter and thank the Chief of Police Herbert Blake for taking this matter so seriously and saving Noah.


Dear Officer Blake,

Thanks to the public, the story of Noah was brought to your attention. Noah was a lone, sweet dog stuck in a barren mud pit. Upon hearing about Noah’s conditions, you and your team quickly assembled to help the dog. You were able to talk to the owners and take Noah to a nearby shelter where he is now waiting for his forever home.

Thank you and your team so much for saving Noah and taking this matter so seriously. Thanks to you, Noah now has a second chance at life.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Jeff Miller


  1. Gene Sengstake says:

    “Day after day”. I’m just wondering why it took so long for the construction workers – or anybody for that matter – to act – much less wait more than even a few hours to get the ball rolling and bring this obviously inhumane situation to an end? I would think any caring person would be on the phone immediately to contact authorities that should and would respond immediately to a situation of such miserable living conditions involving any animal. Do animals – just because they are “only” animals – deserve any less consideration than would a human being. There are many of us out here that think they are equally deserving of life-saving or simply commensurate compassion as we would give to our own species – – –

  2. It took longer cause the owner stepped in and refused them the dog. The dog had ‘basic’ it just couldn’t be taken.(well I suppose the dog could of just disappear?)
    In the end the owner was persuaded to let the dog be taken

  3. Neville Bruce says:

    And thanks to the others who acted on this in the first place.

  4. Cecily Colloby says:

    Have the evil owners been punished? I hope so. They sound like the kind of morons who will just go out and get another dog and do the same to that one…

  5. The “owners” should experience the same mud hole and see how they enjoy their idea of “basic care.”

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