Stop Torturing Pigs to Death

Target: Jeffrey M. Ettinger, CEO of Hormel

Goal: Demand that Hormel stop giving its business to an inhumane slaughterhouse.

The Quality Pork Processors (QPP) plant is under fire after video footage was released showing its inhumane treatment of pigs. Pigs are allegedly being tortured and beaten by plant workers before they are even sent to slaughter. Urge Hormel, one of the largest suppliers of processed meats, to stop purchasing from this cruel slaughterhouse.

Recent behind the scenes footage of the QPP plant in Austin, Minnesota has revealed some disturbing behavior by the employees. In one scene, an employee drags a pig across the floor with a metal hook. Another cuts a pig’s throat without proper anesthesia and beats it prior to slaughter. A pig appears to be alive and squirms as it is hung upside down from a hook and carried to the production line. In addition, the pigs are covered in feces and pus-filled sores calling to question the safety of the meat. QPP is a high-speed slaughterhouse. This means that the plant is required to turn out a large amount of meat in a short time. Apparently, this leaves no time for humane treatment or quality control.

Hormel is one of the leading suppliers of processed meats. If Hormel were to stop purchasing its products from the QPP plant then that would set an example for other companies. Join us in urging Hormel to terminate its business with QPP and support the ethical treatment of animals by signing the petition below.


Dear Mr. Ettinger,

At a slaughterhouse in Minnesota, pigs are abused and tortured prior to slaughter. They are reportedly beaten, dragged, and killed without the use of anesthesia. We urge you to consider terminating your contract with the QPP Austin plant and supporting ethical treatment of animals.

Recent film footage from the slaughterhouse reveals the horrific acts of the employees as they prepare the pigs for slaughter. When a pig is unable to walk, it is shown being pierced with a metal hook and dragged across the floor. Other pigs are seen being beaten and sent to production alive. These employees appear to have no problem putting the pigs through unnecessary pain and suffering prior to their death. In addition, the conditions are unsanitary. The pigs are covered in feces and pus-filled abscesses, which questions the safety of the resulting meat.

We urge you to reconsider your relationship with the QP Austin plant. Terminating your contract would send a message that this kind of horrific animal abuse will not be tolerated.


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Photo Credit: Compassion Over Killing


  1. I love farm animals, especially pigs, as much as I do domestic dogs, cats and others.

    I couldn’t imagine purposely harming one in ANY way and don’t comprehend the sick, sadistic psychopaths who torture them. These cretins have to be missing parts of their brains, be chemically imbalanced, never learned kindness and compassion, had horrible parents and are a major genetic abnormality!

    The owner(s)of the slaughterhouse are sociopaths, and they, in addition to any person or company that deals with them are without conscience, ethics, morals or any sense of humaneness–and are taking up space on this earth, where decent humans belong!

    • totally agree with every word u have just said it makes me ashamed to be called ahuman being theres no need for behaviour towards animals ,they are sciopaths that work in these areas I bet if they saw one of there co workers being treated like it would be different shame on the lot of them

      • Marita Zdanwic says:

        I pray there is a special “HELL” for these shameful excuse of human beings. I agree, it makes me ashamed to be in the same species as these horrible beings.

    • kristin andersen says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Just because Pigs are considered as food for the most part dosen’t give anyone the right to abuse and miss treat these animals! I’m a huge livestock fan. I adore farm animals ,all animals . They deserve to be treated with respect.Even slaughter houses have the responsibility to make sure they are handled with care. Not beaten draged alive and hoisted on a meat hook to be processed while still breathing. Shame on you Hormel for doing bussiness with such an awful place not to mention the feces these animals were covered in! Thanks for the Ecoli!!!!

    • I wonder how expensive it could be to tranq the livestock, like to add a sedative to the feed. Especially with poultry instead of a chicken catcher struggling to catch them…….I hate cruelty but the world is controlled by money,stupid governments and humans. People are forced to earn a freaking living, like factory farms with so few farmers and laborers they are virtually forced to rush things, the gap between the rich and poor in north america and Britain. Capitalism not working!!! It’s ironic you abuse a pet you get the book thrown at you, but torture farm animals and not much can be done, then again there’s no where near enough workers to support organic, Like many governments support industrial farms, many 3rd world countries are organic cause they can’t afford to subsidize it.

  2. Lisa Martin-Manns says:

    Why is it necessary to inflict pain and torture these animals before killing them. There are humane ways even for slaughtering. The people in this world will always eat meat, but it does not justify inhumane treatment of the animals. What people lack is COMPASSION & HEART!!

  3. ONLY sociopaths/psychopaths could stand to work in any “modern-day” slaughterhouse (excepting undercover investigators). The former ought to be “culled” right off the planet, as they add NO good value to the world, and rehab for these deranged beasts is either a fool’s dream, or would take too much time and too many resources to make it a worthwhile solution.

    But since such eradication is not going to happen anytime soon if ever, the more people who simply stop eating slaughtered animals, the faster factory farming will naturally dry up and die out, as it SHOULD. We must hit these industries squarely in the pocketbook, as it’s the only message they’ll really listen to anyway. Until they go belly-up, both the owners and employees need to be heavily fined, jailed, and consequently vilified in society. Nothing less is acceptable or workable, as history has already shown.

    Buy vegan ‘bacon’-flavored products instead, or make your own (they’re ARE recipes out there), if you really want to be part of the solution. Isn’t it worth this small and do-able ‘sacrifice,’ to help stop this torture aimed at wonderful pigs? The fewer pigs consumed, the quicker the marketplace will respond to produce more and more innovative and delicious substitutes that harm NO animals in their making! Never forget — where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  4. Cecily Colloby says:

    Well said, DM. We have no right or need to eat animals in the first place and as long as there are people who do there will be those who take sadistic pleasure in torturing the animals in question.Everyone should stop eating animals -it’s no different to eating other people and yet cannibalism is viewed with shock and horror!!! What’s the difference???? The killing and eating of animals is just as wrong and horrific…

  5. Michele Johnston says:

    It doesn’t make good business sense to torture animals. Not only does it give your company bad press, but a well-treated animal provides a quality product.

    The thing about cutting an animal’s throat is that it’s been a technique used by farmers for ages. When done correctly, the animal dies quickly. I could understand an impoverished farm family still using such a method, but modern slaughterhouses have more humane methods at their disposal.

    As for dragging a pig with a hook or beating it, there’s absolutely no reason for that, none whatsoever.

    • “It is a healthy, natural reaction for someone who witnesses the brutalities inflicted upon nonhuman animals in the agriculture industry for the first time, to ask, “how can we stop this from happening?”. The simple truth is that there remains only one answer, only one way to stop it from happening. We must end the consumption of animal-based products. Until then, nonhuman animals will always be placed in “livestock” conditions, they will always be exploited, they will always be abused and they will always be slaughtered. You cannot teach someone that a life-form has any real value when it is considered acceptable to enslave, kill and eat said being. Whilst humanity views nonhuman animals as resources, mere commodities, they will always be victims of our barbarity. There is no “humane” way to treat a slave and there certainly is no “humane” procedure to take a life.”

  6. Disgusting

  7. Jean-Louis Rubens says:


  8. “So many people insist they are against animal abuse, cruelty, suffering and the inhumane treatment of animals, yet they don’t understand they are actively engaging in and supporting egregious suffering, abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment when they eat animals and their ‘by-products.’ If you are against cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment, then you go vegan. It’s just that simple.” – Sarah Kiser

  9. What we must do is try and keep trying to get a judge to see graphic video of torture of pigs so that in his or her power of the law, slaughter houses (torture chambers) will be shut down regardless of the profit these companies make. society won’t as a whole be vegetarian due to their selfishness so the LAW must step in.

  10. Marilyn Villanueva says:

    Those DISGUSTING psychopaths (including those sick owners) that work in slaughterhouses & torture those poor defenseless pigs and other animals ought to be thrown in jail, tortured (just like the way they tortured those poor pigs & other animals)& put to death!!

    It makes me SOOO sick to my stomach & feel like throwing up at those psychopaths just by reading about this barbaric, inhumane treatment of these poor, poor pigs and other animals!!

    If I just have the power & money to put an end to those SICK BASTARDS, I wouldn’t even think twice to shutdown every one of those slaughterhouses & would let those poor innocent pigs & other living animals go free and/or be adopted by normal human beings with a kind heart & a gentle soul.

  11. Hal Shootel says:

    Clearly these are felony acts of animal torture and those employees deserve prosecution.

    They should be charged immediately and if the judge refuses to view the videos or visit the facility he should be recused from the case.

  12. Do these people have at least a little sympathy? The more I read, the more I’m feeling guilty and wanted to be a vegan by not supporting the demand of poultry.

  13. GOOD NEWS! After this never will I buy “yuck” anything from HORMEL and have joined the ranks of “meat free” informed healthy people. HORMEL IS HELL ON EARTH.

  14. We need to band together internationally and implement the same treatment to these repulsive animal abusing bastards.

  15. Torah Wolf says:

    What else would you expect from Hormels’ Evil Tyrant Spawns of Satan! May they all catch the flesh eating disease?????

  16. FILTHY FUCKING SCUM!!!!!! WHY is it only rotten, evil filthy shit get jobs killing Animals???? all they know is how to torture defenceless Animals, uneducated, just like all the idiots that run the world, these are the lowest of the lowest jobs & only fuckwits, psychopaths, seem to do these bloody horrible jobs. It makes me even more angry that these devils spawn get paid to torture poor animals to death & it is NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP ALL YOU WORLD LEADERS & DO THE RIGHT THING & PUNISH THESE MONSTERS, THE DEATH PENALTY IS A GREAT PLACE TO START!!!!!! THEN THEY CAN ALL GO SUFFER IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY FOR ALL THE VIOLENT ACTS OF TORTURE & MURDER THEY HAVE INFLICTED ON MILLIONS OF BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS.

  17. I would only buy pork from humane farms where pigs are treated with respect, love & care from Day #1 — NEVER in a million years would I buy pork from companies who torturously abuse pigs — these sadistic-monster-idiot employees should be NOWHERE NEAR animals — shame on management & owners who don’t give a damn & continuously turn a blind eye — you all deserve to be arrested & thrown into rubber rooms — you make me sick!

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